The Bolivian judge confirmed the ten-year prison sentence for Jeanine Anez

The former interim president was sentenced to take office in 2019 without fulfilling constitutional requirements. Will resume again.

In the past few hours, the Bolivian justice system has ratified the 10-year prison sentence handed down last year to the former interim president. Janine Anez Within the so-called coup case 2, one of the files that investigates his actions before he came to power, local media reported.

Saniz was found guilty of breach of duty and decisions contrary to the constitution and laws.

Europe Press reported that the attorney general’s office has accused her of assuming ownership of the Senate, and thus the Bolivian presidency, in November 2019, without meeting constitutional requirements.

Tuli Anez sought to resolve the grave political and social crisis that rocked Bolivia after the October 2019 presidential election, in which Evo Morales won a contested re-election, surrounded by allegations of fraud.

Former interim President of Bolivia Jeanine Anez has been in jail since 2021.

The electoral victory of the leader of the Socialist Movement (MAS) led to a bloody popular revolution that forced the then president to resign and leave the country, after he was convicted of a “coup” against him.

The complaint in this case was filed by the President of the Senate, Andrónico Rodríguez, in April 2021, when ñez was already on trial for the crimes Sedition, conspiracy and terrorism After an earlier court presentation to former deputy Lydia Baty.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office in the first instance added the Senate’s complaint to this case, but later divided the case into two parts: the first coup, the operation denounced by Lydia Patti, and the second coup, linked to the complaint filed by Andónico Rodríguez.

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With regard to the latter file, Judges Orlando Rojas and Claudia Castro ratified the sentence of ten years imprisonment.

Defense lawyer Eusebio Vera confirmed the verdict and expected that he was preparing to file an appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice, the last case of appeal before the verdict was announced to be implemented, according to the newspaper. duty, Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

A protest against Bolivia's former interim president, Jeanine Anez, in La Paz in June 2022, following her 10-year prison sentence.  Photo: AP
A protest against Bolivia’s former interim president, Jeanine Anez, in La Paz in June 2022, following her 10-year prison sentence. Photo: AP

Janine Anez’s reaction

Anez herself expressed the latest judicial decision on Twitter: “Members Rojas and Castro, under instructions from Movimiento Al Socialismo (the ruling party), ratified the violation of all my rights as former President of Bolivia, refusing to govern the responsibilities imposed by the Constitution.”

Anez said, “Bolivia’s Supreme Court of Justice will be responsible for the total collapse or replacement of the rule of law.” Six operations opened in justice.

The other people tried in the Gulp II case also received confirmation of the verdict.

Thus, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Police, Yuri Calderon, and the former Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Williams Kaliman, are still sentenced to ten years in prison, despite their absence as fugitives.

The others sentenced in this case are the former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Flavio Gustavo Arce (imprisoned for two years); former chief of the army, Reverend Mendetta (three years); Former Inspector General of the Supreme Command, Jorge Fernandez, and General Sergio Orellana, former head of the Third Department of Operations, both of whom were sentenced to four years in prison.

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