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A Scottish family spread out that challenged themselves to eat fermented and smelly food. Inverness father, Donald McLennanAnd their sons Ruby, 11, and Jimmy, 5, They were photographed trying to eat a can of rotting Baltic herring. The video is as disgusting as it is funny.

In the best way DonkeyChallenging yourself with fun challenges that sometimes attack your body seems to be, for some it seems like an important thing to record to have others laugh at other people’s disgusting experiences is something that seems to pay off in terms of social media clicks but in some cases it may threaten one’s health.

A Scottish family who dared to eat
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bad smell Se Volvitch

Oscars soerstroming, Is the box of fish that McLennan W. It is used for a traditional Swedish dish that is eaten wrapped in bread with potatoes, almonds and onions. This particular fish has a very strong smell And it became a sensation Youtube In recent years for thrill seekers who challenge themselves to see if they can handle it.

Donald told The Record Publication:I make a lot of fun videos with my kids and this is so popular now. I have seen this challenge before. I told my boyfriend about it and he really wanted us to do it. The next day he handed me the fish tray. Was fast. I bought it online and delivered to your doorstep instantly. “.

In the video, what It has been shared thousands of timesDonald holds the box to the camera while his anxious children laugh at the audience.

The video that went viral, the Scottish family that ate fermented fish:

When a Scottish taxi driver opens the can, juice is instantly sprayed onto his and his children’s faces, which is what Jimmy said: “It smells like dog poop!”.

The boy wisely decided to escape from the painting to get away from the intense smell, leaving his father and brother alone.

It smells like dog fecesHis son Jimmy said when he opened the box
Herring is in poor condition.

Once the can is opened, it is impossible to count everything that happens next. Yes in deed , Whoever dares to watch the full video will see the outcome of the challenge disgusting.

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