How they shouted “Fighter” and “Freedom” to suppress the Castro regime in protests in Cuba.

Center unpublished protests On CubaIt was recorded how they shouted at him in the streets “Killer” and “Freedom” for the leader Ramiro “Ramiretto” Valdes, one of the historical leaders and “heroes of the Cuban Revolution” along with Fidel, Raul Castro, Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto Guevara, among others.

For opponents of the Castro regime today in the hands of Miguel Díaz-Canel, Valdes was the “bloody repression” associated today with a band “black berets” who came out to suppress the demonstrations.

Valdis, almost ninety years old – was a member of the old Revolutionary Guard (he was the second Ernesto Che Guevara into a guerrilla column and later led his own) – came out in support of Castro after the outbreak of protests in Havana.

According to the international agency EFEValdés—targeted by opponents as “the oppressor”—has moved to eastern Cuba, the cradle of the “Cuban Revolution” and also the epicenter of its current social emergence.

The city of Palma Soriano in Santiago, in particular, was one of the first points where protests broke out on Sunday, and Valdes went there, 88 yearsWhich according to state media controlled by the Cuban regime As soon as he broke into his house Gorgeous olive green outfit The people got it.”

But the photos that appeared before he reached the area showed another panorama. Ramiro is a killer.‘Ramero, they’re starving us’ and ‘Go away’ are heard among the unexpected shriek on an iron island to control any A Glimpse of Freedom of Expression.

“Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Moncadista, Expedition from Granma and Invader from Che Guevara’s column, he addressed everyone, was attentive to their concerns, and, having assured that even in these difficult times the revolution abandons its children, I asked them to return home, and so it happened without delay ”, says the official facts, although the EFE reported – there are no passages Videos are available to illustrate the story, quite the opposite in reality.

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protests on the island

The protests began on Sunday when thousands of Cubans took to the streets in Havana and other parts of the island to protest food shortages, high food prices and power outages.

In the comprehensive biography of Ernesto Guevara by the American journalist John Lee Anderson It is mentioned that “Ramiretto” was the trusted lieutenant of “Che” and that, according to Guevara, he resembled Felix Dzerzhinsky, Founder of the KGB.

The current protests in Cuba can go down in history, as it is the first time that a large group of Cubans have taken to the streets to protest the regime since the famous “Malikonazu” in 1994.

“As if the outbreaks were not all over the world, Cuban American Mafia, Pays WellOn social networks, influencers and activists on YouTube have created a full campaign … and called for demonstrations across the country, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said.

From Granma, the official media of the Castro regime, they confirmed: “There were riots with the presence of The criminal elements that our people reject, They tried to manipulate people and generate false movements in order to form political opposition.”

After protests and repression in Cuba, President Alberto Fernandez He considered that “these matters should be resolved by the peoples”, and said that he did not know “the dimensions of the problem” on the Caribbean island, although it was. He is highly critical of what he considers a blockage Economic for Cuba from the United States.

“En el G20 pedí que se terminen los bloqueos en el mundo. El que lo padece no es un gobierno, sino el pueblo. En medio de una pandemia mantener bloqueos es lo menos humanitario que existe”, dijo Fernández y fue interpretado en la isla How System support.

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