The Argentine Navy has canceled its participation in Exercise UNITA

According to sources in the Colombian Navy, the Argentine Navy announced the cancellation of its participation in the next edition of the UNITA exercise, which will take place in July in the waters of the Colombian Caribbean. From Colombia they indicated that the Argentine Navy, which had already confirmed its participation with the OPV ARA Contraalmirante Cordero, informed that since a British ship would take part in the exercise, it was decided to cancel the Argentine ship’s voyage.

However, the cancellation a few days before the ship sets sail for Colombia is noteworthy, after Argentina had confirmed its participation, as this happens at the same time as the different units of the force, without the mediation of budget consolidation, from 30 June. There will be no fuel credit of any kind.

Argentina has rarely participated in this process in recent years, for various reasons, whether in terms of budget, politics or due to lack of congressional authorization, and the last participation took place in September 2019.

The Argentine Navy has not yet provided any official information in this regard.

In this version of Exercise UNITA, ships and aircraft from Colombia, the United States, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Peru and Mexico will participate.

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