Telegram will have a premium version: what will the new service be like

The company has not yet made its distinguishing features official

Although the owner of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has already confirmed that the new paid version of the messaging platform is a reality, it is only in the next few days that the official launch of the new product of the Russian digital brand will take place.

Although not much is known about the subject of a paid subscription to the mobile app, it has been rumored on the internet that it will have something to do with data capabilities. It must be remembered that this messaging app has emerged because it allows you to send and receive large files.

Officially, the benefits of taking a monthly subscription are centered on speed functionality and other additional resources, as well as receiving app news and updates first.

It should be noted that the messaging platform will not change or withdraw services from the free version, which is the only one available so far, but the size of files that can be sent through the application can double, and the limit is extended to 4 GB.

Pavel Durov argues that the application has so far provided updates to all its users in order to improve the service. However, due to the number of users using the platform, it will not be possible to support its operation without any kind of external economic income.

In view of the above, it has been decided to offer a paid version that will allow us to continue providing the messaging service to all those who wish to download it. Of course, those who agree to pay the subscription fee will get even greater benefits.

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Although the app already includes advertising systems, the creator has always been hesitant about this type of funding strategy.

There has been speculation on the internet about the advantages of this new app payment service because in the previous days its potential features were leaked on the web.

According to these leaks, the premium version will cost $4.99 per month, so you will receive exclusive feedback like stickers, emojis and gifs.

The list of “VIP” features does not end there, but you can also enter 1,000 combinations, twice what is in the current version. Likewise, it will be possible to set 10 conversations, save 400 gifs, mark up up to 200 stickers as favorites, expand resume characters from 70 to 140 and have 4 linked accounts.

File download speed also increases with the paid version, with documents, photos, and videos downloading more quickly.

Ads have already been a reality on the platform since last year. However, with the premium version, they will be removed permanently. As for the premium stickers, they are supposed to be updated monthly and will have special effects.

In addition to the above features, people who subscribe to the service will get a badge indicating their name, as well as the ability to upload animated and interactive images to their profile pictures.

Continuing the visual benefits of the monthly subscription, according to the leak, the app icon can be customized with various graphic suggestions.

The thing that could be very useful, if the leaked information is correct, is that audio notes can be converted to text and vice versa.

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