Strong complaint in HCD: ‘Gale health management has been disastrous’

After Government Secretary Hilario Galli spoke about the difficult reality experienced by the municipal hospital, Union Counselor Port La Patria said Natalia Alvarez The crossing came out and stated that “It has been 8 years since no maintenance or renewal of the equipmentfor the institution.

there was Thursday’s session of the deliberative council.

“What was said at the press conference does not correspond to reality: Among other things, the resonator does not workThe Chancellor denounced what the ruling party said at the conference, in which Hilario Galli stated that the health center’s MRI is working properly.

This information is not so, and that There are hundreds of affected residents who know the truth about the hospital. The hospital probe is not working. Eight years have passed without maintenance or renovation of the hospital’s technological equipment. Galle’s health management was disastrous Alvarez said.

in 2015 They should have come up with a comprehensive plan. “They identified the northern health department but never did,” he added.

Because of this situation, the Union for the Fatherland bloc applied for information “that The municipality is required to submit a report on preventive and corrective maintenance work taken in the past 6 months in laboratory, X-ray machines, mammograms, resonance imaging, and CT scans.

In addition, they asked Ezequiel Galle management for details What is the general situation of the medical technology currently in the hospital?“Knowing that it is a health center characterized by the intensive use of human resources and equipment.”

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Beyond words, the only fact is that there is no investment in medical technology. Now the mayor is trying to give a sinking slap “But the hospital’s lack of resources and master plan will not magically solve the problem,” Alvarez said.

“Everything we warn against is not an invention, but rather information from Hospital workers and professionals who are also afraid to speak up publicly. We do not seek to put words into the wheel, but rather to express the voice of workers and neighbors in this region. We ask you to pay attention and stop denying reality.”

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