Did she get a hair taste or is it photoshop? Harry’s new appearance raises controversy, and he is accused of modifying his photos to hide his baldness people | entertainment

Prince Harry surprised with a new look that sparked some controversy. And recently, the Duke of Sussex caught everyone’s attention by appearing in his renewed image in a photo published on the site. “better” He has held the position of Director of Impact since 2021.

Three years after giving up his royal duties, Prince Harry loses the title of “Her Royal Highness” as he arrives in Tokyo without Meghan Markle.

The picture shows the Duke of Sussex, 38, with more hair and a darker color. Both Harry and his brother, Prince William, suffer from alopecia, so the photo with a larger volume of hair caused quite a stir.

Photo: capture/betterup.com

Controversy over the new look of Prince Harry

The new look of Meghan Markle’s husband has sparked controversy, prompting many people to claim that he underwent hair grafts or that the image appeared to be photoshopped to hide his receding baldness.

Meghan Markle is ready to use her secret Instagram account and reappear on the networks as in her life as an actress while continuing to negotiate with well-known brands.

he daily Mail He stated that the Duke’s new image contrasted with his recent public appearances in Singapore.

Harry traveled to that country on 12 August 2023 to participate in a charity polo match, the funds raised from which will go to Sentebale. Founded by the prince himself in 2006, the organization aims to provide support to HIV-positive children in Africa.

The aforementioned method also cites the statements of Dr. Assem Shamlak, a senior plastic surgeon from the United Kingdom, who stated that Prince Harry’s hair loss has accelerated since his move to the United States, and predicted that he would be practically bald in the next few years. years.50 years.

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This isn’t the first time Prince Harry has found himself in the middle of controversy over his hair. In 2021, he was also criticized for allegedly changing the look of his hair when he appeared on the cover of Time magazine with his wife, Meghan Markle. (And the)

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