Starfield has forgotten about DLSS, but fortunately there is a solution

com. starfield It will officially go on sale tomorrow because despite the early access that started last Friday, it was not until the 6th that all those who bought the standard edition or those who will download the version available through Xbox Game Pass. Unfortunately, It’s not all good news about Bethesda’s RPG Because there are a few PC users who are very, very angry at Americans.

Indeed, Bethesda (Microsoft) has reached an agreement with AMD to support the launch com. starfield And also, It hit the jackpot by making some of its graphics techniques the only ones available In-game. This is the case of the famous FSR, which automatically means that its NVIDIA equivalent, DLSS, is completely excluded. After all, they thought they wouldn’t need to play it on Xbox Series

Community to the rescue

Thus, from the first minute of the start of early access to com. starfiel It was clear that DLSS will not be available in the game So the community rushed to work on a solution as quickly as possible (although there are other solutions we can use). The response to this huge call was the publication of A modern Allowing us to activate this rescaling to obtain performance and graphics quality as well as in most cases a higher frame rate per second.

Name this modern -The most popular ever- is com. starfield Classy We leave you the link to download it a little. It is a very simple program that we can download and install on the computer where we will use it, and once we run it, we can access the graphical menus of the computer itself. modern Under the Bethesda address to check it out NVIDIA has already shown us this technology As available, for which we will achieve a higher rate than tires per second.

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A treatment we assume will last a long time because To this day there is no evidence that Bethesda wants to touch this part of the game on the computer. To be honest, we never thought we would see it, that exclusivity would reach not only the consoles or platforms on which the game is launched, but also to the technologies it uses, prioritizing those of the company over its competitors.

A dangerous precedent

And so far, the exclusives, as we told you, have arrived across platforms. That is, this or that game is on PlayStation and not on Xbox, or vice versa, but on a few occasions we have seen this They were voluntarily limited within the same ecosystem, prioritizing users with graphics from one brand over those from its direct competitor. Which com. starfield It does not have DLSS because AMD is the one paying, which is a dangerous precedent that we hope will not be repeated.

Although society is always aware of these arbitrary business decisions modern, bethesda and com. starfield They should not get away with it In this matter, officials should know that something like this is unacceptable and cannot be repeated in the future.

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