Star Rail, the new one from the creators of Genshin Impact that will be released in less than a month

After Genshin Impact, miHoYo announced their amazing game ‘Honkai: Star Rail’: it will be available on PC, iOS and Android on April 26th (and later on PlayStation).

“Honkai: Star Rail” is the next big title that miHoYo is preparing for us.

Certainly, if you had to choose between the best games available on iOS or Android, they would all set Genshin Impact very high, and this is it. miHoYo’s title is inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildwhich mimics Nintendo’s open world and gameplay, has a huge fan base and Quality not worthy of a mobile game like him.

You can check it out at The complete genshin effect guide Made by our colleagues at AlfaBetaJuega, though you’ll have to do it now while you wait for the next great game from miHoYo, which is out of its offices in Shanghai just announced “Honkai: Star Realm” Like the big release of 2023this time either on mobile platforms or on PC and PlayStation.

The news was expected from Engadget Although it did not take long to become official on the website of the Huyversewhich is already reported release date “Honkai: Star Realm” Next April 26th Both on PC and on iOS and Android, leaving a file harbor For PlayStation (PS5 / PS4).

“Honkai: Star Rail”, everything we know about miHoYo’s upcoming awesome title

First of all, the idea of ​​Genshin Impact is far from it RPG (Role playing game) tactic like thisin the same universe as Honkai Impact 3 and provide a Turn-based gameplay To get some space fighting.

The unmistakable artistic style of miHoYo, with Anime references, iconic characters, and a continuous visual spectacle Since the start of the game Follow the protagonist with astral implanted In search of the truth about “Cancer of all worlds”.

It's all about Honkai: Star Rail, the new one from the creators of Genshin Impact that will be released in less than a month

Screenshot from the “Honkai: Star Rail” demo posted by miHoYo.

“Honkai: Star Realm” starts at Basic level of type tutorial at the space station Hertabefore going to Jarilo VI It’s a world covered in snow and Proceed through other very different worlds each other.

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We know that will be the address Freemium And we can play it for free At least in a basic way and with slow progression, because obviously It will be monetized using “item boxes” Which, once obtained, will give us useful characters or items to further our progress.

Now we just have to wait a few weeks until we can try it out, and if miHoYo’s level is too high, it’s precisely because Expectations lead us to classify it as one of the games of the year 2023 At least on mobile platforms… We’ll see!

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