Pope Francis’ health: After the first night in the hospital, doctors reported that his condition was not worrisome

Pope Francis’ health: After the first night in the hospital, doctors reported that his condition was not worrisome. (Vincenzo Pinto/AFP)

Pope Francisco86 years old, spent First night at the Policlinico Gemelli Hospital in Romeafter entering on Wednesday due to a respiratory infection, where he will remain for at least two days, during which the activities scheduled in his agenda have been canceled.

The night passed quietly and the medical team responsible for his treatment showed up UpbeatSources on the tenth floor of the hospital where his room is located, Italian media reported.

Pope “suffers a respiratory infection “It takes a few days of proper medical treatment in hospital,” the Vatican’s press office said hours after he was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday afternoon.

He explained that “in recent days, Pope Francis has been experiencing some respiratory difficulties, and this afternoon he went to the clinic of A.

According to the media, Francisco underwent a chest CT scan and other medical examinations And his state of health does not worry after the results.

The hospitalization caused a surprise on Wednesday, as the Vatican initially announced Pope has been accepted for “pre-scheduled controls”without giving any reason, but the pope had scheduled an interview that afternoon for a public television program for RAI that had to be cancelled.

Pope Francis underwent a chest CT scan and other medical examinations, and his health is no longer a concern after the results. (AFP)

For the time being, the Thursday-Friday schedule has also been scrapped, while on the weekend he plans to take over a block Palm Sunday.

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We’ll have to see how his condition develops in the hospital, where He is accompanied by his personal nurse, Massimiliano Strabettiaccording to the media, to see if he will be able to participate in many Holy Week Acts where they are expected to be.

Pope Francis has been touched by the many messages he has received and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayersThe Vatican said in the statement.

This is the second time that Francis has been admitted to this Romanian hospital, after July 4, 2021, when he was discharged 10 days later, followed by a slow recovery.

Since then, only one pope has suffered Right knee problem which forces him to walk with a cane or use a wheelchair and has confirmed on several occasions that he does not want to undergo surgery.

The hospitalization has surprised the public, especially since Wednesday Jorge Bergoglio Engage completely naturally with the traditional general public in Saint Peter’s Squareduring which he was shown smiling, greeting the faithful from a “popemobile”.

The newspaper headlined “The Pope: The Great Fear” on Thursday the seal which describe those dramatic moments, having indicated “severe chest painSo his assistants decided to urgently call an ambulance and get him in immediately.

Francisco, who has been using a wheelchair since May 2022 due to arthritis in one knee, He underwent colon surgery in July 2021 in the same hospital in Rome, where he stayed for ten days.

In various interviews in recent months, the Pope has spoken of the possibility of resigning, just as his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who died at the end of 2022, did in 2013.
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In front of the journalists who usually accompany him on his travels, Francisco said that this intervention left him with “sequelae” due to the anesthesia This is why he has ruled out undergoing knee surgery again.

Those medical issues forced him to cancel several hearings in 2022 and postpone a trip to Africa, raising many questions about his potential resignation.

In several interviews in recent months, the Pope has spoken of the possibility of resigning, just as his predecessor did in 2013, Benedict XVI He passed away at the end of 2022.

Francisco said, “It is true that I wrote my resignation two months after my election (in March 2013)… I did it in case I had any health problem that would prevent me from exercising my ministry,” though he later clarified that he had not yet considered resigning from office.

In July last year, he admitted that he “can no longer travel” at the same pace as before, and confirmed that he can “step down”.

(with info from EFE and AFP)

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