Spanish tech company Arquimea brings its own defense and space business

Nueva Davison de Space and Defense

Photo: Arquimea

Spanish Technology Group Archimedes It has united in one brand the capabilities and technologies of its companies Archia geometryAnd the Expace On Board Systems s Ramim, Specialized in the sectors of defense, security, space, aviation and science.

The three companies become part of the business unit Aviation and defense. Arquimea explains that this reorganization is part of the company’s two-year expansion and growth plan that seeks to boost growth in the defense and aviation sectors.

In these sectors, Arquimea works with Ministries Defense From allied countries, Armed forces from OTAN Companies in this sector aim – and emphasize – to develop products that respond to current and future operating requirements.

Within this field of activity, the company specializes in designing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of electronic, information and communication devices, avionics, robotics, RPAS, triggers and mechanisms that qualify for the use of space. It also develops radiation-resistant integrated circuits, as well as structures, equipment and systems for large scientific facilities.

In aviation, for example, Arquimea participates in missions of international agencies such as NASA Oh no Which – whichAs well as in commercial programs and New spaceIt is a provider of logistical support equipment for aircraft and engines to the aviation sector. Director of Aviation and Defense, Manuel Martin Flores, Indicates that “at Arquimea we are very proud of our ability to cooperate with our armed forces and continue to contribute our experience, knowledge and technology to a strategic sector such as the defense sector”.

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5000 square meters of facilities

The company confirms that it has a team made up of retired military personnel and engineers with experience in the sector and more than 5000 square meters of its engineering, manufacturing, integration and testing facilities, which includes clean room, electronic, metrology and testing laboratories for quality experiments and tests, with advanced production machines, CAD and CAM tools, to manufacture High-precision, high-performance mechanical and electromechanical components, as well as ISO3834 mechanically welded structures. To this should be added its technology center, the Arquimea Research Center, which focuses on research in technologies of the future.

Arquimea, with more than 15 years of experience and around 400 workers, divides its activity into five main areas: Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Services, Healthcare, Agrotech s Financial technology. It has facilities in the United States and trade offices in Germany and Southeast Asia.

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