“Taking ADHD medication is more homeopathic”

hIt happened again. Normally we are used to Carlos Ocelote making various Twitter users jump up from time to time with some controversial comments.But this time we have several of them in a short time.

Today the attack of the former CEO of G2, one of the largest esports clubs in the world, He was against the gay communityapart from them, Against taking medication for certain diseases or disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Taking ADHD Medications Is Good

Ocelot, who has already shown his disapproval of the homosexual group on other occasions And his support for systems that punish and prohibit it, She decided to attack the group on this occasion, describing “being gay” as something negative.

I thought being gay was gay“He started his tweet, and really put as we say, a negative point in the fact that he is homosexual.”But I’ve come to the conclusion that taking ADHD medication is more of a pervertHe concludes.

This letter sets a dangerous precedent because of the problems and difficulties that not using medication can bring to anyone with this disorder. That’s why so many people decided to respond harshly to him on Twitter.

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