Sorkondi Fizz: “Here the rice doesn’t go that fast.”

Sorkunde Vez is the founder and player of Iparpolo Curling, a club based in Vitoria since 2003. She has just won the women’s national team title in a vibrant final against Txuri de Donosti, and has dominated the past five years. Fun and funny, she refuses to let us reveal her age. A computer scientist and government employee, who occupies her time in her dream: to finish her studies in criminology. Pioneering the sport of curling in Spain and Alfa, his sons Iranzo and Gonzal Garcia are the pioneers of the sport that is gaining practitioners and fans. The women’s team consists of Anna Vásquez, Maria Fernandez, Surcondi Ves, Maria Gómez and captain Iranzo Garcia. He will be in Europe in Norway in November. This club continues to expand its infinite track record.

– Is this the most exclusive of the six that Iparpolo has in the female category?

– Buff (gets excited). I would say yes. You don’t know what it costs. We hadn’t reached the top of the podium in five years. With a lot of difficulties and with great effort. And also, the final of the heart attack against the great candidates is set at the last stone, thanks to the talent of Iransu Garcia and how well Gonzal (Garcia) has guided us as a coach. The explosion of joy was immense.

Thanks to the title, Spain will be represented in the next European Championship. Is this a new birth for the club?

– I will say yes. In mixed doubles, Gonzal and Iranzo just finished second and the men’s team finished the original first stage, with plenty of wins and this weekend they will fight for the medals. Last year we had a complex issue because Captain Iranzu took the MIR exam on the same date as the doubles championship and we fell a little bit, Gonzal too focused on finishing the race. But everything was fixed and we are to our full capacity. True, the title is a double joy, because we will be at the European Championship in Norway in November.

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Is the Olympic dream still the goal?

Sure, this is the dream of every athlete, and both Iransu and Gonzal pursued it for a while, but let’s face it, if this is not the date, it could be the next or the next. They are both young, 28 and 23 years old and still have a long way to go. Curling’s are very young. There were Olympic champions 40 years ago, without going any further, Canadian player Jennifer Jones, Sochi Games champion in 2014. Here the rice doesn’t go that fast.

“I was in the reserve.”

Let them tell you that you are the most experienced and still at the foot of the valley

Well, I was in the reserve at that tournament. Besides this young team, the only thing I could do was help. But I am very proud. Years have passed, but the racing and curling bug never goes away.

We haven’t risen to the top in five years and we have also done so against the top candidates.

Has the number of curlers increased in general?

– We are the top ten always in the club. There was a time when we went to school, but we were no longer able to because of personal circumstances. Given this situation, and because the BAKH track gives what it has to offer, we’ve decided to dedicate ourselves to the competition, look, we’re not doing it badly. But overall, I’d like to tell you there are more people, more teams and that’s a good thing.

– Iparpolo was established in the year 2003, has the sport changed much in these years?

First of all, that people already know what we’re talking about. This sweeping is behind us. In terms of organization, changes have also been made. Now the rules of the World Federation are applied and this is done with the times in the matches. And athletes, some of them earn their day’s livelihood from it, and are already preparing more physically and technically. Not to mention the media presence. This last tournament was broadcast in Spain by live broadcast and we had more than 400 viewers, which is very positive considering we are talking about a minority sport.

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