How to achieve a state of luxury with Deepak Chopra?

Fitbit Her alliance with Deepak ChopraMD, pioneer and founder of integrative medicine Chopra Foundation To launch Deepak Chopra’s conscious method (Deepak Chopra’s conscious method)An exclusive, wellness group created and handpicked by members Fitbit Premium To make the practice of mindfulness accessible to people around the world.

The Mindful Method is designed to help you improve your emotional well-being as an important part of your overall health, with audio and video sessions led by Deepak Chopra on relevant and influential topics such as mindfulness, sleep, stress management, mental well-being and the mind-body connection. The new collection expands Fitbit’s current stress management and awareness offerings, continuing to help you provide a comprehensive view of your overall health to understand how each aspect fits together to affect your overall well-being.

Stress is spreading more than ever during a pandemic, and adults in the United States had the highest rate of mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and sadness from March 2020 to May 20202. The effects of stress on physical and mental aspects that, if not controlled over time, could Lead to negative health effects, such as headaches, an increased risk of heart disease, obesity and depression 3. Using mindfulness to better manage your emotional health through practices like meditation and breathing exercises can have a greater impact on other parts of your health, such as relieving stress and treating disorders like depression. Anxiety, improved sleep and more 4.

Boost your well-being with Deepak Chopra’s conscious way

Starting today, start or continue your mindfulness practice with Fitbit Mindful Method on the Discover tab in the Fitbit5 app, which includes over 30 inspirational awareness sessions for Fitbit Premium members of all skill levels. Each session lasts less than 20 minutes to facilitate the conditioning of mindfulness into your day, on topics ranging from meditation, managing emotions, daytime relaxation, stress relief, and more. These topics are particularly important because the higher rate of mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and sadness showed an increase during the epidemic 6. The group offers more ways to practice mindfulness while we continue to browse the current stressful environment, whether you struggle with 24/7 screen fatigue, or work off Home while managing the virtual learning of your children, taking care of the health of your loved ones, or you just need inspiration to put yourself first.

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The collection launches with 10 audio and video sessions, including guided meditations, restful sleep preparation sessions, and techniques to help develop happiness and optimism when you need it most. The group will expand in the coming months, with more than dozens of in-person sessions including:

  • Focusing on mindfulness for total wellness, while detailing the benefits of meditation based on the four pillars of Deepak Chopra: Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.
  • How to incorporate mindfulness throughout the day, from setting the tone every morning, strengthening during a stressful workday, restoring bad moods, and preparing for a restful sleep.
  • Deeper guidance for using mindfulness as a tool to increase awareness, manage stress and emotions, and develop focus.

It builds on Fitbit’s mindfulness and stress management tools

Deepak Chopra’s Mindful method adds to what Fitbit already has to offer to help you manage your health and wellness in one place:

  • All Fitbit users can access the Fitbit’s Mindfulness panel to help reduce stress and deepen mindfulness practice by setting a weekly mindfulness goal.
  • Most Fitbit7 devices come with Relax Guided Breathing – dedicated deep breathing sessions to the wrist to help you feel calm during the day 8.
  • Premium members can choose from over 100 mindfulness exercise sessions to help manage stress, practice mindfulness, relaxation, improve body positivity, and bedtime rest from popular brands such as AptivAnd the auraAnd the Breathe s Ten percent happier. Premium members also receive detailed information and recommendations to help them manage stress, and a deeper analysis of their sleep score to see how factors such as stress affect their sleep quality.
  • Fitbit Sense™ Pioneering in the wearable space as the first smartwatch with an on-device electrical activity sensor (EDA) to help you monitor and manage your body’s stress response through your daily stress management degree and access additional wakeful content to help calm your mind. Or overnight when paired with Fitbit Premium9.
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With this new content, Mindful Method adds more value to Fitbit Premium. With over half a million members in over 40 countries around the world, Premium enhances your Fitbit experience when paired with any of the brand’s devices. We help you move around more, manage stress, sleep better and eat well with targeted programs, advanced analytics, personal information, key health metrics, hundreds of exercises, motivational games, challenges and more, all in one place to help you. Your goals. Deepak Chopra will continue to contribute his Premium experience as a consultant on new software and features that will be added to the service.

Fitbit Premium is available for $ 195 a month or $ 1,549 a year; A 90-day free trial is available for new or returning Premium users. 10 For more information or to register for any of the membership services, visit the Fitbit app

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