You YouTube user buys it and shows it on the video

Announced a few months ago, we can see that it is real and that it is a collector’s item: there are only 250 in the world.

If it’s hard to find one PS5 Given the situation we are in, the acquisition of a new generation of PlayStation console as a result of inventory problems is a real achievement. Perhaps that is why it is so painful to see those who buy custom special editions; It is the YouTube user status MM7 games, Whose new trademark appears on the video The PS5 is plated in 24k gold, costing you more than 9,000 euros.

YouTuber shows the gold PS5 in detailYeah We talked to you in his day about the PS5 covered in gold And now we see that it is a reality. This custom copy belongs to the British company amazing, Specializes in this kind of product. They launched several products: the PS4 24k gold, the 18k pink gold and the PS4 platinum, and all three models are limited to 250 units. Additionally, they also have versions of Dual Sense Gold plated for just over 700 euros and headphone Three-dimensional pulse About 450 euros.

The aforementioned YouTube builder knows this exactly The PS5 model in detailIt has a luxurious finish that cannot be replicated anywhere else. In addition, the control unit arrives in the transport package that it carries in a form Luxurious wooden box And she holds a certificate of authenticity. Each piece has been numbered to confirm its unique value.

In the first months of life, there are still many unanswered questions and we’ll see what the next few months are from Sony’s next generation console. One of the most frequently asked questions It is if God of War 2 arrives in 2021. We are talking about one of the latest news that has arrived on the PS5 in Maquette’s analysis, Which will be available for free in March if you are PS Plus subscriber.

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