Sicily, underwater: two people were killed by the storm | Red alert on the island

Heavy rains and floods in Sicily have so far left two men dead and a woman missing. The epicenter is in Catania, and most of the island in southern Italy is on red alert due to the storm.

Precipitation in the last hours Killed a 53-year-old man near Etna volcano; While The body of a 67-year-old man was foundwho disappeared last Saturday with his 81-year-old wife, who still missing.

Scordia is one of the places most affected by inclement weatherWhere the streets were completely flooded. Dozens of cars sank one meter under water in the central areas of that town, and their drivers are trapped inside. Not only did the water reach the cars and stores, but it also reached the courtroom, which was flooded as well.

very Four families were evacuated due to landslides in areas near Etna. Weather forecast doesn’t help: Rain is expected to continue on Wednesday and It is likely that the maximum point of the storm will be reached between Thursday and Friday.

Power outage in Catania

In the city of Catania, there were blackouts, as well as flooding, which forced the closure of schools and even affected the ward of the local hospital. “The emergency is widespread and very critical and does not appear to be improving,” The firefighters claimed.

According to meteorologists, the island is affected by what is known as “Medican”., that is, a tropical Mediterranean cyclone, an unusual phenomenon that also occurs when the sea is 8 degrees Celsius warmer than the average forecast for November.

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