One day after finding out about inflation, they called the companies again to manage the dollar

One day after knowing August inflation, which came in at 7%, topping most previous forecasts, The Minister of Commerce met tomorrow in 11 major business chambers in the country. The Argentine Industrial Confederation, Copal, CAME and Cgera are cited, which is a broad range that includes large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. According to official sources, the aim of this call is to progress in determining the inputs and the amount of dollars that the various industrial sectors and, to a lesser extent, the commercial sectors need to operate normally in the coming months.

The idea is that rooms help us prioritize imports of supplies, not come together to present a list of problematic SIMIs. We’ll come together to talk to find a mechanism that would allow cameras to be a catalyst for various claims. 90% of import delay issues are not dealt with SIMI by trade, but with dollars that the central bank must release; One thing is that it can be imported and the other is how to pay for it.” An official source admitted.

The meeting will be more practical than political, which is why technicians from each entity will be present to come forward with a schedule that sets priorities and “illustrates” the two windows companies have to go through today to import: the Commerce Secretariat and the Central Bank.

It’s an issue that the government and business leaders have been debating for a month, and that Will continue with more meetings next weekAnd the But after yesterday’s bad inflation numbers, it has become even more urgent. The portfolio led by Matthias Tombolini wants companies to produce more and increase the supply of products as a way to add another factor that can take some pressure off prices..

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Meanwhile, in the private sector, they have sought to lower expectations. “Tomorrow we will go listen. They will present an idea and then we will work in pairs with each room,” they said in an entity before consulting with Nation. “We will give priority to inputs not manufactured locally that must be brought in to complete local production lines,” they added, referring to intermediate goods needed to integrate the production of final goods.

“Today you have a double lock, two filters. First, this trade allows you to import and then the central bank allows you to pay what you have to pay. What we are asking is that we unite, that everything integrate, one scheme, a common table. Both will continue to be windows, but The same example should be debug or expression, both feel together because otherwise they can’t work. It’s very difficult, especially for small and medium businesses. This has already happened on a technical level and it is, in the context of turmoil, that it can He is asked to have the least problem possible,” they reported in the consulted entity.

The new round of contacts with the cameras comes in a heated context in which it became clear that the government is studying measures that could lead to an increase in the differential exchange rate of the dollar allocated to outbound tourism and other goods and services in dollars, called the “Qatar dollar”. In a sort of hood game, both the official and private levels were careful not to claim responsibility for the initiative, which would be unpopular, as evidenced by the public’s reaction when former minister Sylvina Patakis said the right to travel “collided with the right to work”. The government allows rumors to spread.

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“The paper is not even short, we don’t have a sheet; that’s why we have to see who’s covered,” they confirm in another of the summoned cameras. Does this mean asking for an increase in the dollar cost of tourism? “Out of the place we occupy we are not saying what the government should do; it is the government that has the tools to manage the dollars. Outbound tourism is a channel through which dollars go, but it is not the only channel. They added that we should also look at excessive import bills and low export bills, which is another issue that is being worked on.”

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