She went to eat in a restaurant, she asked for the bill and the surcharge for the ticket infuriated her: “We talked to the waiter”

a woman Receive an unexpected charge on the account After eating in a Colombian restaurant. Situation heroine sent her mother ticket picture And from there, what happened spread on the Internet. However, as he explained, it was all a confusion on the part of an employee of the gastronomic premises and he didn’t have to pay.

On social networks Circulating all kinds of viral content. The massive dissemination power of these platforms means that any story or fact can be known to thousands or millions of people in a matter of minutes.

Within this universe, there are certain forms and types of tales that are repeated more than others. One of them is related Unexpected prices when receiving a restaurant bill. Many users suffer from high costs or Extraordinary additional fees And they decided to share their story to get an urgent response from tasting local food or just to download it and even Start an online discussion.

This time it’s all It happened in the restaurant Mar de Levalocated in Cartagena, Colombia. Usually, the region has the risk of charging very high prices, as it receives a large number of tourists.

This was what appeared to be happening at the gastronomic venue, thanks to the image of the venue ticket circulating in the networks. A woman went to eat with her boyfriend in the place and between them They ordered two plates of pasta and two drinks. however, When they received the bill, they were surprised.

Unexpected extra cost on restaurant billTwitter

Under “glassware and crockery”, the restaurant wanted to charge them for a broken plate. What was remarkable was not only the intent, but the amount as well. As can be seen in the picture, due to the fountain being broken, customers had to pay an amount 5,250,000 Colombian Pesoswhich translates to approximately 170,000 dollars.

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On the other hand too Hint included with proportion proportional to subtotal, which included such a huge number. In this way, the extra cash account for the waiter who attended them amounted to 534,254 Colombian pesos (more than $17,000) and The total amounted to 6304,194 Colombian pesos (more than $200,000).

Since the user’s photo started going viral, a lot of anger has arisen on Twitter. however, Whoever grabbed the ticket book explained what really happened.

First of all, the woman Denied that the plate is broken during your visit to the restaurant. “The attention in the restaurant was very good, we ordered our food and No plates or crockery were broken. “It never happened,” he said in an interview. Globalism.

In the same vein, he mentioned that the large number It was a mistake By the cashier, who was in her early working days: “We immediately spoke to the waiter and he told us it was human error.. He left and came back with a list of what we had eaten.”

Finally, he added, he took the photo to send to his mother and tell her the tale. According to his testimony: The woman has no idea how the photo spread or why it spread.


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