WhatsApp: Find out what new functions the premium version of the app will have

To give your business users a new and improved way to connect with consumers and your customers, The WhatsApp Preparing Launching its premium version.

According to a report from the specialized site WABetaInfoMessaging app ready Subscription plan with exclusive features Which is in the testing phase during the past beta From the app for Android and iOS.

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New features designed to help businesses interact better with their customers will come at a cost and will include the ability to do so Account activation on up to 10 devices, dedicated links, and a directory of nearby businesses.

The premium version of WhatsApp will have an exclusive cost and functionality. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The new premium version will be available, primarily, to users with an account Business and take advantage of the profile in whatsapp business. To find out if the user can activate it, he must open the application settings on his phone, and if the option appears, he can contract the new subscription.

What are the exclusive features of WhatsApp Premium

  • whatsapppremium Your subscribers will be allowed Create a custom business link for example https://wa.me/yourbusinessname. This feature makes it easy for customers to remember how to reach business on WhatsApp. The title can be changed once every 90 days, and if the premium subscription is cancelled, the Link It will no longer be occupied and will be free so that others can claim it.
  • Subscribers to whatsapppremium They can also use up to 10 connected devices to the main account. This can be useful when multiple company employees share the same profile and use it to answer and respond to customer inquiries. WhatsApp will allow to set a file Name each associated device to facilitate their identification. In turn, each conversation may be responsible for a specific person, who will have access to the messages received from each device. You can also make video calls with up to 32 participants.
  • a Nearby Business Directory To the main account website will be available in whatsapppremium. This will allow future and potential customers to more easily access the organization’s information. In addition, it will help users discover Which companies interact with nearby and inquire about them.
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How much will WhatsApp Premium cost

WeBetaInfo You have not yet reported the cost of the subscription, but Meta confirmed it all Other features of the messaging app remain free.

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In connection with the cancellation of the service, the specialist site disclosed that upon suspension of the subscription, the use of the exclusive functions of Premium can continue until the next billing cycle.

When will the new version of WhatsApp Premium be available?

Meta has yet to announce a launch date and it is only known that the subscription, for now, is Available to users whatsapp business Containing the latest beta version of the application.

The new subscription is not intended for the average user only WABetainfoThe premium version will be business oriented, which means that most of the paid features will not be particularly useful to the rest of the users.

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