She stated that she was abused by a nurse on duty at the hospital

The sexual assault case sparked outrage and anger among the Allen community. is that the attack would have taken place in guarding the hospital in that city, and the attacker would have been a nurse. The complaint has already been submitted; The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice intervened in the incident, which led to the dismissal of the professional from his position.

According to the information detailed by AN Allen, the incident occurred at the end of May, when a woman went to the hospital to receive medical assistance. In this context, the service nurse could have entered the room where he was staying and the sexual offense could have taken place there.

With these data, the director of the same health center, Cervanzo Ostollazza, confirmed the existence of the complaint and the ongoing investigation. Specifically, the nurse was dismissed preemptively, with the goal of developing skills properly.

Eliminate-Roca. jpg

Likewise, they made available from the Hospital to Justice video clips of cameras located in service transit areas; And everything indicates that, thanks to the analysis of these images and other elements, it was possible to advance the accusation titled Aggravated Sexual Violation.

Regarding the nurse, it turns out that although he works at Allen’s, he is currently staying at General Roca.

In addition to justice, the Ministry of Health also intervened in the event.

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