Shark near Camborić | A shark “one of the most aggressive and fastest sharks in the world” appeared on a beach in Santa Catarina

A shark was spotted near the sandy strip of Praia da Picama in Balneario Barra do Sul, north of Santa Catarina and 80 kilometers from Camborić, on Sunday morning. This species, known as the mako shark, is the world’s fastest and is “very aggressive,” according to oceanographer Jules Soto. up to 4 metres.

In the case of the found shark, for example, the danger is greater, because it “has a very strong tearing bite,” the professor explained.

The photos were posted on social media, and the region’s fire department confirmed her health. According to the rescuers, lifeguards on the beach helped the animal return to the sea floor.

According to Soto, curator of oceanography at the University of Valle do Itajai (Univerale), the animal seen in the photos can reach 60 kilometers per hour in the sea, while other sharks do not exceed 40 kilometers. . per hour.

In the images analyzed by the specialist, it can be verified that the male shark is trying to return to the sea floor, but is being dragged by the waves (see above). In adulthood, it reaches 4 meters in length and can weigh 500 kilograms.

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According to the oceanographer, although it is considered aggressive, it usually does not harm people, because it is found only in the open sea, and not near the coast.

After a shark stranded on Balneário Barra do Sul beach in northern Santa Catarina, residents were put on alert. “It’s just like the ones in the movie. I’m so scared” and “I just want to see what can happen this summer season,” were some of the comments he left on social networks.

Source: O Globe

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