Defeat greater than 14-N

It is hard to imagine in politics a greater defeat than the defeat of the ballot box. The government surrendered in the debate over the merger Judicial Council he is more serious From the 14th of November.

It is a cultural defeat for Christianitywhich fought against the non-political bodies of the council, to the point of proposing in the so-called democratization of justice act, that the representatives of the judges be elected by popular vote. He shouted, “No one chooses them.” from those tables.

The project that the government will send will increase the representation of judges, lawyers and academics. Undoing nearly 20 years of hostilities Towards the justice that began at the dawn of Duhaldo-Kirchnerism with the trial court built by Peronism over the years softener.

In 2003, he was Minister of Justice Gustavo Pelez And the judicial agenda Promise to review from the federal courts. Today Belize is another government’s strategic secretary and the proceeds from those efforts more than poor.

This surrender to him too improvisation music. Martin Surya drags to court, this tuesday, his slow dream snail. Meet with judges Supreme court To explain the bill that the government sends to the Senate.

that it Try to stop the sentence To replace the 20-member system and the presidency of the Council of the President of the Court. Government project resigns political representation, but leaves the 2006 clause that Managers must elect their own boss.

Syria had requested an interview with the court The outcome of the election was hardly known November 14. The Court decided to resolve the issue of unconstitutionality, while maintaining it according to the criterion of avoiding questions of political involvement in electoral years. Since 2016 it has been expected that successive governments will develop reform projects to balance the questionable representation of real estate undertaken by the court.

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What’s new after the election is that The government lost power, that the Court already has the consensus of the four votes, to declare unconstitutional and that Horacio Rosati, Judge It is considered the most hostile Towards the government by the ruling party exercises the presidency. It’s time to upload white flag.

Judicial Agenda The most important project for the government. The Peronism It has dominated appointments to the national and federal justice system since 1983 due to its historical dominance of the Senate and, since 1999, of the Judicial Council.

That this hegemony did not lead to harmonious coexistence is also a sign of political failure. It looks like a joke Peronia fought with armed justice alive.

The 1994 Constitutional Reform Agreement was a luxury in Argentine politics because of the quality and diversity of traditional politics. They weren’t magic This prevented them from reaching agreements that would stand the test of time. In the ambiguity of the final text is The origin of these errors.

Gabriella Cerruti announced that the executive branch would send the Judicial Council reform bill to the Senate.

Article 144 describes board membership in slippery terms: “It will be Integrate periodically to ensure balance Among the representation of political bodies resulting from popular elections, judges of all ranks, and federally registered attorneys. It will also be incorporated by other persons from the academic and scientific field, in the number and in the manner established by law.”

this search” he is Invitation to permanent discussion.

In the same way mysterious Provisional Clause 4 of the amended Constitution voluntarily regulating the three-senatorial system: “A group of senators for each county will be incorporated, as far as possible, So that two seats are for the political party or electoral alliance that has the largest number of members in the Legislative Council, and the rest is for the political party or electoral alliance that comes next in number of members.

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The The sticky interpretation of “as much as possible” Districts with three senators for the same party were allowed. From those powders this slime.

They were able to cure it, but this ambiguity was a source of liberating the will of power, an essential component of politics.

Hector Masnata, a traditionalist in Santa in 1994, intervened in the legislative debate of 2006, when Peronism imposed the current form with more power over politics than other provinces. “There is no magic number To mathematically express the famous equilibrium, which was preserved in the reform ”, he emphasized.

This legal guru, who was a judge in the Peron court, added: “Reform strengthens consensus.”

government improvise A project to thwart a ruling that will be destroyed The last stronghold of the Kirchneren cycle of justice. They set in motion the rush that puts an end to the rush born 20 years ago that has produced nothing but defeats for all governments.

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