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next one mystery Visuals are a great way to exercise the brain, they allow you to have an enjoyable moment free of stress and pressure. Because it is important not only to exercise the legs and arms, but also the brain, which is one of the most important organs of the human body, thanks to it you can control movements, speak, feel emotions and remember events.

For this reason, keeping the mind relaxed and stimulated is a great way to feel full, and stimulating the brain with the help of visual puzzles can be a great way to stop cognitive decline and the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, although it should be supplemented with other educational and stimulating games such as games Table.

These results can be observed in the short or long term, so it is recommended to train the brain with visual, logical or mathematical puzzles on a daily basis. If you want to train your brain in a fun way, improve your thinking ability and increase your visual speed, then you can start with the next challenge, which is a puzzle on social networks.

Find the solution to the next challenge and be careful not to spoil your training. The image created by the team Gorgeous Guru It shows us a data table with the letter “And the”if you are vigilant enough and pay attention from the first second, you will notice that there is a letter that does not belong to it, and your task is to find it.

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Locate the letter “F” in less than 9 seconds

picture: Gorgeous Guru


After exercising your brain in a great way, we have come to the end and it is time to reveal where the different letter is.

over here The letter “F” was found.

Look at the following spreadsheet for the solution to this current visual puzzle.

picture: Gorgeous Guru

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