‘Harassed another family in Canada for 6 years’: Santiago Alarcón reports that he found out who the man claiming to be his son and Shakira’s son is after contacting his real mother and brother | people | entertainment

He’s not the son of Santiago Alarcón, let alone Shakira. Like Oscar Galeano, the subject was identified that confirms that his mother is the Colombian singer and his father is the hero of the series “El man es Germán”, who, via a live broadcast from his Instagram account, revealed the man who has been harassing him for years. .

The actor from Antioquia is concerned for his safety and that of his family, and has been guarded by police authorities since he gave an alert to what was happening. In addition, he confirmed that it was through one of the network users that he was able to find the whereabouts of the family of the person in question, who made it clear that he was not adopted.

Santiago Alarcón confirms that the young man suffers from mental disorders that must be treated

Together with his wife Cecilia Navia, Santiago Alarcón had a frank and honest conversation with his followers, who gave them all the information collected about the young man who claims to be his supposed son, the magazine again published week.

He confirmed in the comprehensive video that he spoke with the real mother and brother of Oscar Galeano, born in Bogotá, on October 28, 1992, with a natural birth at home.

“I spoke with his mother and brother, his mother’s name is Gladys Galliano, his father’s name is Pedro Agudelo, there are 10 siblings living in Canada, the father arrived there with his exiled family. They have been there for almost 15 years. Oscar, the one who claims to be my son, Oscar Galliano was not adopted, in the midst of the uncertainty of his days.

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In addition to fearing Galliano’s harassment, Alarcón asserts that a man should receive psychiatric help to improve his mental health because this is not the first time he has become “obsessed” with someone.

He revealed that Oscar Galliano harassed a family for 6 years in Canada, as told by a woman who contacted him via Instagram, and told him how this past nightmare was.

“I got a message on Instagram from a lady who said to me, ‘I know who you are and I suffered the same for 6 years. Because he harassed my husband for 6 years,'” she said while reporting what the harassment victim told her about Galliano’s performance.

Alarcón is convinced that the subject is not looking for money, but really needs professional help to deal with his psychological state, in which he becomes obsessed with someone and creates stories.

The actor noted that in the case of Canada, Oscar dared many things, including entering the house, hacking a Facebook account and making photo collages with family photos.

But in that story, the plot invented by the young man was different, since he did not say that he was his father, but became obsessed with the father of the family on a romantic level.

“He molested him in love, he didn’t say he’s the father, saying this man is his,” Alarcón’s wife said in an Instagram chat.

The actor refused the procedure of the “Losé todo” program, where they interviewed Oscar Galliano without paying attention to the condition he suffers from on a psychological level, a diagnosis confirmed by the young man’s family.

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He mentioned what he spoke with his mother: “Oscar had a psychiatrist and a psychiatrist there, but it was very difficult … no one was able to prove what he had.”

With this chapter Alarcón concludes the episode of the man who claimed paternity, in a situation that turned his family upside down, but found a solution and support from the authorities who provided him with security at all times. (And the)

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