Seventy years accused of defrauding free air travel more than 30 times Chronicle

authorities United State They arrested a “Serial police” When trying to climb aboard a A plane without paying a ticket, At the Chicago airport.

Arrest Marilyn Hartman, At the age of 69, it came two weeks after a judge rejected the plea agreement Give the test Previous attempt to take a flight without payment.

The woman left the dwelling she was in Under electronic monitoring. Thanks to the device’s alarm, Cook County agents were able to track her on her way to O’Hare, since it was activated, when she approached Terminal 1, where she was arrested. Now they are seeking to add a flight fee.

According to the defendant, her first flight without paying a ticket was in 2002 to Copenhagen (Denmark). “The second time I traveled to Paris, “ Added. In August 2014 she was arrested in Los Angeles International Airport After traveling without a ticket from San Jose. About six months later, she moved from Minnesota to Florida and was arrested when she tried to check into a hotel in someone else’s name, which she was for. Charged with phishing fraud And other crimes, RT reported.

In 2018, the woman took a plane from Chicago to London without a ticket, however She was deported when she arrived in the UK For lack of a passport.

The following year, she was arrested while trying to pass the US airport security controls itself without a boarding pass or an ID.

As a result of his background, a court session was held two weeks ago during which his defense and the prosecution reached a plaintiff agreement that would have imposed 18 months of testing plus mental health treatment. However, judge Peggy Ciampas Refusal of judgment.

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During an interview, Hartman explained that he is suffering from a self-diagnosis Whistleblower Shock Syndrome, That made him feel “Need to get on a plane to go.” However, he eventually admitted it Suffered from bipolar disorder She even argued that she was the victim of a global conspiracy to harass her, which was apparently led by the former US president, Barack Obama.

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