Seeking re-accreditation of the political science and public administration program

In the default method, the program evaluation process Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Political Science subordinate Faculty of Political and Social Sciences subordinate Colima UniversityCampus seeking its third accreditation by the Association for Accreditation and Certification in the Social Sciences (AC)being able to).

to start activities Re-accreditation process On behalf of President Christian Torres Ortiz ZerminioGeneral Coordinator of Teaching Martha Alicia Magana Echeverria, congratulated the campus initiative for maintaining this program in the register of accredited nationals. He pointed out that the last visit for this purpose was in March 2014 and is valid for five years.

He added that Reaccreditation Committee She resumed her work during 2021, after reviewing the information she requested being able to To show the activities and developments that have been made in the past five years around this degree.

He stressed that these operations are of paramount importance to UdeCSince they are part of the Institutional Development Plan’s Quality and Related Education Sector Program: “As part of this exercise, you will use the corresponding accrediting body to consider the opinion of employers, Alumniand students and teachers,” he offers.

Majana Echeverria Repeat for those who make up Evaluation Committee The willingness of the campus to provide information and evidence during this process and thus obtain an opinion: “We are confident that it will be satisfactory, given the performance and high responsibility subordinate university community I’ll explain it to you.”

In her turn, Director General of Higher Education and Institutional Director of Accreditation Operations for this level, Susana Aurelia Preciado Jimenezreported that this program, in the academic period August 2021 – January 2022, with a Register 98 men and 102 women, for a total of 200 students: Established It was updated in 2018 and corresponds to educational model“.

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Another time, chief being able toJuan José Sánchez Rueda emphasized that the greatest strength of this organization is in its list of 50 Academic colleagues from different institutions high education From all over the country, he stressed that six of them are academics from Colima University.

It highlighted that Evaluation Committees From this association connect universities with Academic Freedom From its members: “We will start from A self assessmentwhich they have already given us, but we enrich assessment dynamics with tools like interviews because organizations, at home, sometimes don’t realize many of the strengths or areas of opportunity that are out there.”

For her part, the coordinator of the Evaluating Peers Committee of being able toLuz Maria Cruz Barcero (UNAM), noted that one of the advantages of the evaluation body to which it belongs is that it sees the university and its programs in its own context: “The indicators and categories we use are to evaluate the university, not in terms of comparison with anything else, but from how it is perceived and Objectives what they want to achieve.”

The academic He said residents are aware of the challenges he faces Educational programs From high educationStarting from the vision of openness and solidarity, we are here to work with you hand in hand and also give you confidence so that we can implement Open evaluation processsincere and beneficial to your organization.”

The ceremony was also attended by the Director of the College of Political and Social Sciences, Maria Elena Romero; Public Administration and Political Science Coordinator, Gabriella Perez; ACCECISO Peer Reviewers, Paul Cesar Logo (Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon) and Marisol Lopez (University of Iberoamericana), as well as the analyst of the said association, Daniel Pacheco.

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