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Executive Juliana Sguerra recently took over the position of CEO of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Colombia.

It shows that the use of technology and ways of working are issues on the minds of entrepreneurs.

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What could be the difference between BCG with the competition?

It’s how we work with our customers. We can’t force a solution before. Seeking to understand the customer’s problem, what is the truth and its culture Create solutions and put them into practice. When I started in the US, consulting was very focused on taking the PowerPoint document and letting go of the strategy proposal or problem solving. Now they are accompanying each other as we work hand in hand to make the projects successful, making them even more tangible when it comes to making the impact visible. This is where the value is.

How do you see the progress of the business?

After the pandemic, 2022 should continue to recover. In line with the economy’s 10% growth last year, we think so The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development forecast that the country will grow by 5.5%.. This is a good estimate because we believe in private consumption and the trust that exists around the average consumer. A study by BSG on the consumer showed the shift from uncertainty to calm and I think the issue of changing habits and saving will continue to spend on spending and that will continue to support the country’s growth. Agility has contributed to vaccination a lot.

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Because of inflation, is there not a greater propensity to save?

Inflation is a global and local issue that we are witnessing. It will affect consumption but I don’t think it will necessarily affect growth. But there are some areas that consumers are willing to spend. We have seen this in international tourism as well as in domestic tourism. Already see an appetite for local investment In this area, in addition to a change in consumer habits of eating healthy and exercising. All this means is that there are some costs to some things we haven’t seen before. The issue of health is very important.

What do employers worry about?

many things. The first thing is to recover that growth that they allowed to achieve in 2020 and 2021 and how they position themselves in the face of the changes that have arisen in society. So they are thinking about how to put the accelerator into all the technological and digital issues and use the information in order to respond to new trends. The other thing is how Bardane handles the new ways of working, how they go back to making sure their employees are happy but productive enough, while taking care of their health. In BCG we have a theory electronic companies Who see how they are enhanced by the use of technology not only in the field of industrial processes but also in the use and processing of information, and how they offer their customers something customized because these are their new requirements when it comes to interacting with businesses.

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And the investment mood?

In some industries there is an appetite and in others we see the decision to spend on what generates the most value for them. The pandemic has prompted companies to rethink how they direct their spending to reposition themselves in the future. The political situation also makes them think about what they should do.

Does this also affect mergers and acquisitions?

not necessarily. When there are good opportunities and companies realize that they have to grow, they are ready to implement these processes. It’s an area that could have a lot of activity this year. In 2021 that was very important.


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