Secret service kills an insider inside the Peruvian embassy in Washington

Shooting at the Peruvian embassy in Washington | Video: Channel N

Around 8:00 a.m. today, Wednesday A Shooting inside the Peruvian embassy in Washington, USA. Secret Service agents shot an intruder who had entered the ambassador’s diplomatic residence Oswaldo de Rivero.

Police and Secret Service agents arrived at the Diplomat’s building located in Building 3000 of Garrison Street NW, in the Chevy Chase neighborhood.

Officers found a person in the back of the dormitory who had broken several windows. Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Conti Jr. told a news conference that uniformed officers approached the man, who was carrying a metal pole, and pointed their stun guns. The pistols didn’t work, and after a confrontation, the officers pulled out their service guns and fired them at the man who died on the scene.

“This morning, just before 8 a.m., members of the United States Secret Service (USSS) were notified that a burglary was underway in Building 3000 of Garrison Street. When the police arrived at the scene, they found a person at the Peruvian embassy. In addition, there was Several broken windows in the back of the house. They tried to stop this person who had an iron bar using non-lethal weapons and an electric pistol but to no avail so the police used other weapons and shot him and now this person is dead.”She said number.

Oswaldo de la Rivero, Peru’s ambassador to the United States, long after the shooting

Via Twitter Guglielmi confirmed That the squad members shot the intruder whose presence was reported by the ambassador’s family Peruvian Embassy. There were no reports of wounded in uniform after this confrontation.

Washington police report a shooting inside the Peruvian embassy
Washington police report a shooting inside the Peruvian embassy

There were reports of several emergency vehicles in and around the embassy site. It was emphasized that the diplomatic authority and his relatives were safe and unharmed.

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The murdered culprit has not been identified and intelligence agents are investigating the facts, as well as the background of the intruder and the reasons why he entered illegally into a house Ambassador Oswaldo de Rivero who was accompanied by his family.

A Secret Service spokesperson stated that agents from this unit are tasked with protecting foreign embassies in the United States.

Statement from the Peruvian Embassy in the United States

“The Embassy of Peru regrets to inform that today, in the early hours of the morning, someone entered the official residence without a permit, causing material damage to the property. The person Said was shot by the intelligence service.”This was stated in the statement issued by the Peruvian Embassy in the United States after the incident.

“The ambassador, his family, residence staff and intelligence agents are fine, and the investigation is being conducted by the competent authorities.”they point through their Twitter account.

Statement from the Peruvian Embassy in the United States
Statement from the Peruvian Embassy in the United States

Bob BarnardA Fox 5 correspondent in Washington noted that the ambassador and his wife were at the residence at the time of the shooting, but that they were not injured.

Police units guard the areas around the Peruvian embassy while investigations into the case are carried out.

Head of the Metropolitan Police Department, Robert Conti He also stated that it was his family who called 911 after hearing that the glass had broken. The alarm was immediately communicated to the Secret Service, whose agents found the man trying to enter the embassy, ​​approached him and then shot him when the stun weapons had no effect.

Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, Robert Conti
Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, Robert Conti

The man was declared dead at the scene. Conte said he appeared to be in his 20s or 30s, adding that “the two Secret Service officers were taken to a hospital for evaluation.”

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The police and the secret service are still investigating the reasons for the illegal search and identification of the intruder and more details about the attack.

The investigation is being led by members of the Metropolitan Police Force’s investigation team. When an officer is in the firing squad, I will be working with our apartment, the United States Secret Service, to investigate this matter,” concluded Robert Conte.

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