What is animal farm? The new Andy Serkis movie

Andy Serkis will direct a new movie called animals farm We tell you all the details.

diverse reports that Andy Serkis An animated movie titled animals farmwhich will adapt to the story of the monolithic novel written by George Orwell In 1945, she tells the story of a group of animals rebelling against a human farm owner, with the goal of creating an equitable society where they can be free and happy.

The script of the movie will be executed by Nick Stoller (Captain Underpants)while production will be in the hands Connie Thompson (frankenweenie), Adam’s son (paws of anger), Dave Rosenbaum (The secret life of pets) s Jonathan Cavendish (Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle).

difficult project

The work in question will be directed by Andy Serkis In the animation and special effects studio Sensei -In any projects like Riverdance: Animated Adventure-, and by a statement, a file . is also represented Lord of the Rings He was pleased with the adaptation of a story animals farm:

“We will finally have a challenging opportunity to bring this incredible story to screen, thanks to the wonderful team at Aniveventure and Cinesite. We hope to make our version of an Orwellian masterpiece that is still relevant, emotionally powerful, and humorous and watchable by people of all ages, for both present and future generations.”

Why would Serkis be the director?

On the other hand, the product Adam’s son He announced his reasons for working with the actor as well king kong character:

Since 1945, the George Orwell story has remained relevant because it is a tool that allows us to understand how the world works. Throughout his career, Andy Serkis has shown a special talent for creating memorable characters and we are excited to work with him.”

Other notable edits to the novel

It is worth mentioning that animals farm He has many cinematic adaptations, among which there is a version that stands out Live action or direct event With special effects it was first shown in 1999, which included voices from famous personalities such as Kelsey Grammer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus s Patrick Stewart.

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It also highlights an animated version released in . format 1954that conflict with the work Orwellas an anti-communist propaganda film, was reproduced in various schools in United State.

Andy Serkis
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