Second State Week of Science and Technology Veracruz, September 26-29

*It will be replicated in eight other cities with 70 workshops and 25 major exhibitions and conferences

Xalapa, Issue, August 30, 2023.- Veracruz Council for Scientific Research and Technological Development (covisidate) The second edition of the State Science and Technology Week was presented under the slogan: Dialogue for peace: science unites usfrom September 26 to 29 at the Cana Museum, with the aim of displaying and promoting the scientific and technological activity carried out at the entity.

The program will offer 70 workshops, 25 exhibitions, keynote lectures by experts and talks on topics that seek to bring children and young people closer to progress in applied sciences; Later, from October 3 to 16, it will be repeated in Coatzacoalcos, Cosamaloapan, Gutierrez Zamora, Huatusco, Misantla, Beirut, San Andres Tuxtla and Tantuuca.

In this sense, the head of the Office of Government Programs, Altrude Martinez Olvera, highlighted the opportunity that educational institutions will have to awaken the interest of their students in research and the direct benefit that knowledge generates in addressing the problems and priorities of society.

For his part, the owner said: COVEICYDETDarwin Mayorga Cruz reported that the activities will include the Science Rally, a competition with intellectual and physical activity challenges for high school students, in addition to the presentation of the 2023 State Science and Technology Awards and Veracruz’s support for the best thesis.

For more information about the program and activities, see the pages and COVECYT on Facebook and Twitter.

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