Season 11 premiere time on Netflix


Better Call Saul is coming to a close with the eleventh episode of its final season. Below we show you when it premieres on Netflix.

Better Call Saul, Season 6: Season 11 premiere time on Netflix.
© AMCBetter Call Saul, Season 6: Season 11 premiere time on Netflix.

There are fewer and fewer shootings The best of Saul on demandOne of the most memorable series of the last decade that will leave an indelible mark on its viewers. The end of the story in a world Too badcreated by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, will feature Chapter 11 corresponding to its sixth and final season. It will first reach the United States and then the rest of the world through the Netflix streaming service..

The Episode 10Call “cayenne”is the first to focus exclusively on the later stage of Jimmy McGilll After leaving Albuquerque. Although in small glimpses of the hero in previous installments they showed him as a completely new person and far from the criminal world, in this case he will again show his best face, which prompts him to again interfere in one of his adventures.

At first, an old woman in a wheelchair was seen crossing the lanes with him now Jane Takavic And he helps her kindly, so he is invited to tea in the house where the woman lives with her son. There he enters the scene cadaverousa character we met in previous seasons as the one who knew Jimmy In the mall, so the ex-lawyer lures him into his “world” and implements a perfect plan.

strategy Takavic It happens in the mall where he works in a Cinnabon shop, but it has been thought meticulously so that all is well. cadaverous It will be the essential piece entering the mall to try to steal as much merchandise as possible in a given time. Looking at this new side of Jimmy slidingwho as a teenager was responsible for similar plans.

+ When does Better Call Saul 11 ​​episode of season 6 come out

Episode 11 of The best of Saul on demand, which was announced in the past few hours that it will be titled “Breaking Bad,” will premiere in the US on AMC on Monday night, August 1, while arriving in the rest of the world on Netflix on Tuesday. August 2. From the name of the new chapter, it is believed that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will finally appear in the prequel.

+ What time is the Better Call Saul 11 ​​episode of season 6 on Netflix

Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala: 01:00 am
Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Ecuador: 02:00 AM
Venezuela, Bolivia and Puerto Rico: 03:00 AM
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay: 04:00 AM
Spain: 09:00 am

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