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Today I present to you the fourth chapter, betrayalsfrom the series ZipaduAnd the eat alone.

When at the end of 2019 a federal judge issued an arrest warrant against the former senior officer of Sedesol and Sedatu, drawn from the investigation file FED/SEIDO/UEIORPIFAM-CDMX/0001220/2019 on illicit enrichment and organized crime offenses, Zebadúa decided to flee for asylum in Canada, where He was in hiding for a little over three months.

During that time, he left two of his closest associates in charge of his “work in Mexico”: his brother Jose Ramon Zipaduaas a legal representative, and for a named suspicious figure Alexander Hinojosa As a financial operator, who, during Zebada’s stay at the EPN, was the one who devoted himself to negotiating agreements with universities without having a public position to do so.

However, when José Ramón and Alejandro realized that the investigations of their “boss” by the FGR were serious, Both decided to betray him and ran away with over a thousand million pesos, whether in personal property, assets, bank accounts and cash, assuming that Zabada will be arrested and imprisoned. Coyhopolis!

Obviously, the betrayal unleashed Emilio’s anger and Raised the beginning of the “agreements”, by distributing money With officials from the Attorney General’s Office, the ASF and federal judges, as I’ve already mentioned in this series

then, eat alone He prepared to return to Mexico, not only to recover what his brother Ramón and Alejandro Hinojosa had “stolen” from him, but also to finish building the entire corruption network we already know about.

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Through legal and financial tricks, Zabada was able to recover much of what was “stolen” from him.

Fortunately for him, he still had the “loyalty” of many of his lieutenants who helped him build all the scaffolding that turned billions of pesos to his advantage, by triangulating resources with public universities and using the advantages of The first article of the Provisioning Act, by the way, Morena not only wanted to correct it, but also continued to use it.

Thus, with his team of collaborators, among them Francisco Paez, Enrique Prado, Rosalba Camacho, Claudia Morones, Humberto Rene Islas, among other things, the process of corrupting the influential authorities in the justice system in our country has begun. For this purpose, Zabada used the letterhead of a supposed law firm, Morgoya and Luna Ramos lawyerswhich started work at Eugenio Sue 98, in Polanco, which, as I said, was bought by Zebadúa from Cash for 69 million pesos.

From there, distribute Cash, as part of the agreements that Zabada reached with the FGR to ensure their protection and the involvement of scapegoats. Oh, and that’s why they decided to use code names to denote the people involved, so as not to jeopardize their true identities: Emilio Zebadúa was assigned the pseudonym for captain; To his driver and front man, Roberto Gomez, Morelos; in the prosecution Diamonds and a spadeThere is a lawyer named the hatamong other things.

It is better to keep it a secret

In his statement to the FGR, Emilio Zebadúa stated, verbatim, that the transferred resources came from “Executive Agent for Operations at SedatuAt the time, the federal agency had three undersecretaries and the only one that had resources to operate for nearly 6 billion that year, 2016, was the Undersecretary for Urban Development and Housing, led by Poblano at the time. Juan Carlos Lasteri. In the ASF Technical Note for the 2016 General Account, issued in 2017 (, the source of the resource is indicated and that the origin was the infrastructure unit of the Undersecretary of Lasteri.

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Incidentally, it is remarkable that although Zbadja never mentions him by name, the ASF does in the aforementioned report.

How do we stop reminding them that at the end of 2019, it is known, Laster was robbed in his home in the posh La Vista, in Atlixco, Puebla, where criminals took more than 50 million pesos in cash; Like Zhenli Ye Gon, but from Puebla!

Oh, and “accidentally” months ago, and exsubse He opened hotels in the name of his family and brothers: one country, one a store In Zacatlan de las Manzanas, where he was mayor.

Then in 2020, He was arrested by an armed commando and at first thought it was an alleged kidnapping. However, the ruler himself Miguel Barbosa noted that the former Sidato official had been secured by FGR personnel He was proclaiming in the CDMX East Prison, From where he was released hours later.

After that “The Encounter”, Juan Carlos Lasteri Never bothered him againIt was not linked to any legal action by the prosecution. He certainly convinced them of his innocence.

However, many construction companies in Puebla spoke of the “support” they provided to the former undersecretary of The reconstruction phase due to the 2017 earthquakes, where he held the position of general coordinator.

One of the highest agreements (380 million pesos) that Lasteri signed with a construction company was through Polytechnic University of Tlaxcala. And although it remains to be seen whether his signature was forged, as in other agreements, I tell you that this document has disappeared from Sedatu, FGR and the Universitybut according to the ASF, these expenses were incurred.

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There are so many loose ends that neither the FGR nor the ASF wanted to end the linkage, because in Lastiri’s case they decided not to follow the aforementioned forensic audit thread.

the question is: Why doesn’t Emilio Zebadúa explicitly state where the transferred resources came from and what agreements Lastiri reached with the FGR to make them “best kept secret” in case main quorum?

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