Scientists are on the verge of creating a real Terminator

With the advent of artificial intelligence, science now wants to give human skin to Terminator-style robots. What could go wrong?

Science fiction has been warning us for so long that we’re not paying attention. As many seek to impose artificial intelligence in various aspects of life with the ensuing consequences, but above all with the great danger that it may be revealed at some point against humans. But now, scientists are trying to replicate the Terminator and that artificial skin, although this time it will be based on mushrooms.

So they combined the Terminator concept with The Last of Us, where the apocalypse is caused by fungi… I repeat again, what could go wrong?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the hero of the Terminator saga

Here we leave you information about this progress.

On this occasion, researchers Anthony Gondia and Andrew Adamatzky developed a robotic skin made of mushrooms and their inspiration was the famous Terminator from the James Cameron movie. As it is an external add-on that can collect data and repair wounds. The researchers aimed to prove that it is indeed possible to achieve this in real life, and they have done so successfully.

The results of this research, which the two scientists published at the end of August 2023, are truly surprising. Robotic skin made from fungi is light and sensitive to the touch, and has the ability to self-heal when damaged, as long as it is provided with the nutrients needed to regenerate it. This is similar to the way we take care of our skin with foods and vitamins to keep it healthy.

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Unlike the silicone skins used today, which have limited sensory capabilities and are difficult to manufacture, this new mushroom shell offers a broader opportunity for data collection at a less expensive production cost.

future applications.

The researchers hope to lay the foundation for creating living robotic skins that can be used in buildings, helping to regulate their temperature. This idea opens the door to the possibility of creating buildings with mushroom-based designs, which could transform architecture as we know it.

While these developments are exciting, they also raise questions about the ethics and safety of creating human-like robots. The line between science fiction and reality is becoming increasingly blurred as technology advances. future line.

James Cameron himself has on some occasions expressed his fear that the future he created for the Terminator might become a reality. Let’s hope that all these developments and artificial intelligence can be controlled.

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