Vox Disaster in Spain, A Warning to Miley’s Exponential Growth

The Vox party is going through the worst moment since its appearance in Spanish politics. The electoral defeat they suffered in the general elections held on July 23, in which they lost 19 parliamentary seats, put them on the verge of fourth place, and the illusion of ruling Spain with the Popular Party was cut short.

The force led by Santiago Abascal lost more than 600,000 votes in four years, and was left without support in all regions except Catalonia, where it rose from 6.33% to 7.57% and in Euskadi, where it rose slightly, from 2.46%. to 2.61%.

This, as the LPO announced, opened an internal conflict within the party that ended with the departure of former spokesman Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, a victim of far-right extremism who decided to bury the liberal wing of the party, destroyed after the revolution. Macarena Olona departed and was trampled by the extremist Catholic movement led by Jorge Buxade, Santiago Abascal’s right-hand man today.

PP and Vox begin dismantling bike lanes in Elche: “It is barbaric and a return to the past”

This branch of the party, which triumphed after weak results in the general elections, built a narrative to justify the bad moment based on two reasons: the demonization of the media, and the lack of clarity of the Popular Party when expressing the will to build the government. alliance.

Abascal’s leadership attributes their loss to the demonization they say they suffer from by the media. But various analysts point out that the downfall began when their first governmental experiments in autonomous communities were seen to fail.

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But there is a focus that the ultras do not think about, and it relates to the failed experiments they presented in their first governments at the municipal and autonomous levels.

Three months after the regional and municipal elections that took place on May 28, and after investing all the autonomous governments, the Popular Party of Alberto Núñez Viejo governs four autonomous communities alone (Galicia, Andalusia, Madrid and La Rioja), and co-governs two through agreements with regionalists. Parties (Cantabria. Canary Islands) and six with Fox (Castilla-Leon, Valencian Community, Extremadura, Aragon, Balearic Islands and Murcia).

This, together with Vox’s position as a key factor in determining the roadmap to popularity in the regions, exposed the party’s poor regional management in communities and city councils in which progress had been made on measures such as censorship of plays, and the eradication of the bicycle. Corridors with dismantling sustainable mobility and Downloads The salary determined by new officials in 25 municipal councils, within the limits determined by law. In addition to the dismantling of the politics of gender and memory due to the crimes of the Franco dictatorship, which became a burden on Abascal.

The latest poll, conducted last September by 40dB in favor of EL PAÍS and Cadena SER, marks a significant drop for Vox, which barely exceeds 10% of the vote and would give way to Soumar in third place if the election is rerun. In this way, the number of Abascal seats will increase from 33 to 25 seats.

In this last context reconnaissance The 40dB for EL PAÍS and Cadena SER in September marks a significant drop for Vox, which will lose one and a half points to 10.9% and give up third place to Sumar in the event of a repeat election. In this way, the number of Abascal seats will increase from 33 to 25 seats.

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And this isn’t the first time that right-wing disruptive choices that serve as catalysts for anger and systemic intrusion have ended in failure by failing to pass the administration’s acid test.

It was the challenge that Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro faced with more luck, which opens a big question about Javier Miley who, even before the presidential election, had already begun to dismantle all his most extreme proposals such as dollarization, deregulation of access to foreign currency or closing the central bank.

Javier Miley in the last meeting in which he presented part of his team.

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