Schools face the region’s example of a science fair

Monday, August 08, 2022 | 6:04 AM

With the aim of facilitating the development of skills, improving the perception of various scientific phenomena and promoting research with a social impact, the Propacyt initiates the regional and management example of a science fair, which will take forward the conservation of all levels and modalities.

From today until the 19th of this month, around 250 projects will be presented at this open-air laboratory event. The opening will be at 8:00 at School No. 7 in Villa Capello and in the afternoon it will be Candelaria’s turn.

All exhibitions will be face to face and will seek for students to learn, have fun, learn about different scientific topics, improve their self-esteem and enhance their independence, and with what they have learned they can act or raise awareness about different problems. At the end of this case, projects will be selected at the provincial and national level.

Monica Estigarpia, curator of the exhibition, said in an interview with El Territorio.

This educational innovation fair is cross-sectional on the entire educational system and is presented as an invaluable didactic and pedagogical tool for processing diverse content and for solving contextual problems. More than 95% of schools in the governorate are expected to participate. Accompanying the realization of these celebrations by scientific communication, the Propacyt team reflects on the efforts of the educational community.

“It is important to note that this year’s science and technology fairs have declarations of interest from every municipality. We all contribute to the integration and education of our missionary children,” added Estigarribia.

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“Each project advances in its research and projects that frame national documents in terms of curriculum content, steps of the scientific method, exchange or social impact of research go beyond examples. Those in this regional case were chosen by their school to represent them,” the official explained.

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