Samsung will have ChatGPT-4 on its mobile keyboard

The company’s mobile phones will have three options to enjoy ChatGPT natively. (Unsplash)

Samsung Ready to bring technology chat across the keyboard SwiftKey, Developed by Microsoftwho were responsible for confirming this information.

This keyboard is a native mobile application from the South Korean company, so users will not need to install any additional software to enjoy the scope of artificial intelligence that is capable of creating textual content.

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Microsoft expanded its alliance with Open AI To places that weren’t thought of at first. Both companies have started working together so that the search engine can bing technology behind ChatGPT, But now the array of options opens up.

At the moment, this chatbot does not have an official mobile application, but it will arrive on devices with this keyboard and an update will arrive soon in the software.

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The company’s mobile phones will have three options to enjoy ChatGPT natively. (Unsplash)

In a photo shared by the Twitter account of SwiftKey The first details of what will be the AI ​​functions are shown within the app. Just above the keys you’ll see three different options: Search, Tone, and Chat.

These tools are the main features of ChatGPT in its integration with Bing, because it allows, on the one hand, to perform searches by taking information from different web pages, but it is also possible to carry out a conversation to interact with artificial intelligence and ask for help or recommendations.

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The tone option will be correct, as the platform will offer suggestions on how to type with the keyboard according to the intention you want to convey, giving options to create text content for different purposes, such as an email, a message to a relative or a post on social networks.

This functionality was included by Bing some time ago in its chatbot, where the user can also choose the length of the text, the level of detail of the responses, and other options.

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The company’s mobile phones will have three options to enjoy ChatGPT natively. (Unsplash)

While the keyboard integrity confirmation is issued SwiftKey with chat for mobile phones samsung, The company itself issued a statement to its employees warning them of the security risks that may be involved in using this technology.

A company representative told AFP that the ban applies to the mobile phones and home appliances division.

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The internal statement notes that the company is looking for ways to use these AI services in a “safe environment for employees, so that work efficiency can be improved.”

“Until these measures are in place, we are temporarily prohibiting the use of generative AI services on company-owned computers,” the document notes.

The statement also demanded its employees not to upload work-related information on these platforms through personal computers from outside the company’s facilities.

A situation that the workers themselves are aware of, because 60% of them said in an internal survey that there are security risks associated with using these platforms on company devices. Although the company claims that there have been “cases of misuse” of services such as ChatGPT by its employees, it has not provided details in this regard.

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