Rishi Sunak: Joe Biden is ready to cooperate with the UK and the new Prime Minister

United States President Joe Biden Wish to “continue close cooperation” with the UK behind the Rishi Sunak elected leader of the Conservative Party On Monday, White House spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre said the European country.

The American spokeswoman made it clear at her daily press conference The US President has not congratulated Sunak yet Because, according to protocol, he has to wait for the British Prime Minister to meet with King Charles III and invite him to form a government.

However, Biden “would like to talk” with Sunak in the coming days and continue bilateral cooperation.

Sunak has been elected as the new leader of the British Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The Conservative Party leader is going to Buckingham Palace this week to King Carlos III formally entrusted him with the formation of the government.

A Downing Street spokesperson confirmed this on Monday Powers will not be transferred tonightDespite the fact that the King is traveling today from the English royal residence at Sandringham to London, an attendance with Sunak is expected tomorrow.



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