Ribera radioactive ring for few specialists

Gonzalo Tardagoilla, Artistic Director of the Ribera Salud Radiation Ring.

reduce the Radiologist’s workloadReducing the incapacity of these specialists and obtaining test results in less time. These are the three advantages it offers A radioactive ring launched by Ribera Salud as shown Gonzalo Tardáguila, Technical Director of this tool, in an interview with Medical writing.

The health group activated the first radiological episode early this year Above the specialization by the machine Spain system to implement Second reports and opinions, signed by specialists in abdominal, neurological, thoracic, musculoskeletal, breast, ENT and ENT radiology. No delays or waiting lists, as the study report is done remotely. With this system, in the words of Tardáguila, “there is Quality Reports in less time so that there is no delay in diagnosis.”

On the other hand, the technical director of the Ribera Salud Radiation Ring is confident that every time it will be transplanted into the More specialties Like dermatologists and cardiologists as part of their work can be ‘remotely done’. Finally, Tardáguila appreciates this tool to improve patient access to it Clinical trials As well as to strengthen your relationship with your doctor.

Full interview with Gonzalo Tardáguila, Artistic Director of Ribera Salud’s Radiology Ring.

What is the ultra-specialized radiological ring of the organ system?

rays is Medical specialty Where distance is not a hindrance. A study conducted in Madrid, Vigo or Valencia can be reported by a radiologist who is on the other side of the world because it still digital photo.

There is a shortage and shortage of radiologist In Spain, Europe and even the United States. These factors, along with the boom in telecommuting, led to the development of systems such as the radiation ring. It’s a group of radiologists remote report From studies conducted in other centers.

Ribera Salud Radiation Ring is trying to differentiate itself by the quality it gives it Organizing by devices and systems. Our radiologists only report on those studies that they are in specialized: chest and abdomen, nervous system, breast, skeletal muscles, etc. They are working on Maximum field of knowledge This is our added value.

What are the benefits of this project for radiologists?

Not only is it an extra activity or source of income, but it also helps good luck. Previously, when someone wanted to make more money, they had to have it, schedules, and actually be somewhere. Now the radiologist receives a List of studies That he has to report and organize himself, he can come to terms with his family life.

And for patients?

displayed Quality Reports in less time, so that they have test results sooner and this also improves organization. The patient will always know the radiologist who submitted their report.

In addition, the shortage of radiologists in hospitals means that Studies pile up Unable to inform them. With these teleradiology services and with the Ribera Salud ring, what we do is that the patient, when they go to the consultation, has the test results there and Do not delay.

This also affects Reducing waiting lists To receive the report, that is, when the study is completed and the radiologist must report it. There is no need to make an appointment with the patient again, there is no delay in diagnosis, and no increase in the burden of care on our colleagues.

Tardáguila considers Covid-19 to be the “boost” of teleradiology.

Did Covid-19 drive this teleradiology?

Covid-19 was Pay Which we needed, because teleradiology already was a fetus that began to take shape. The necessary equipment has been installed so that the radiologists can do this Distance working The community has given the green light.

Can loop data analysis be implemented in multicenter studies?

One way to improve the quality and quality of clinical trials is to Make it multicentre. This means that many centers participate in the trial. With our radiological ring Center all the photos from our hospitals and this really allows us to have more patients candidates to work on these clinical trials. In addition, it facilitates the maintenance of anonymity and compliance with all Ethical safeguards necessary for investigation.

“With the Ribera radioactive ring, patients can access clinical trials from other places”

Does it improve access to trials for patients?

With this system, patients can access who, otherwise, They will be disqualified Because you are in a hospital or in a distant city where there is not always the possibility to take these tests, which are usually done in big hospitals.

What role does this episode play in coordinating the different Ribera Salud centers?

First, we report on Excess of studies The centers cannot afford it due to the shortage of radiologists. We as professionals are not just report writers, we do other things like Biopsies or targeted therapies Imaging in interventional radiology. In the field of mammography, the role of the radiologist and communication with patients are paramount.

On the other hand, we complain about the lack of radiologists but we should have time for that Training our residents And that there will be more specialists in the future. The loop not only removes these workloads but also allows radiologists who are physically located in hospitals ease a little In terms of information and being able to do all these other things that add value and it’s very important that we continue to maintain it.

Integration with the centers has always been very good because radiologists appreciate it Let’s give a helping hand and to devote themselves to other very important things in their work.

“Any patient who needs a medical imaging exam can benefit from this tool.”

Is interdisciplinary work necessary to use the full potential of the radioactive loop? What specialties do you work with?

The specialties that work with us are all those that demand a medical test picture. Interdisciplinary medicine is something that is here to stay. We have a number of expert radiologists at each center who can see the most complex reports or cases and participate in multidisciplinary committees Thanks to the ring for example, Julia Camps, an expert in the breast area, is remotely calling all the committees in all of our hospitals to contribute her experience, but previously she was able to see the cases to be shown because we have the ring.

Is coordination between all relevant health authorities complicated?

It seems complicated, but it isn’t. All centers – public and private – have a study overload They can’t let them know and our vision is to go help them. We provide a service to try to resolve this situation and very flexible communication. We have added value in terms of quality, we try to achieve Quality prevail about the amount.

What are the intended diseases?

For everyone. Any patient, at any time during his illness, needs a medical imaging test. The radiological ring will be able to inform you and we will be able to help you.

The doctor-patient relationship can be “more fluid” thanks to Ribera Salud’s radioactive ring.

What are the most common diseases?

We work a lot with Oncology, These patients often go for medical exams to see what the condition looks like. Your tumor progression Depending on the treatments offered. This assumes a very large number of studies, we compare to previous studies and can tell the patient If he answers or not for the treatment your doctor prescribed.

Is it expected to expand its use in other areas?

Not only do we have x-rays, but we also started to do procedures Clinical Neurophysiology remotely, but there are other specialties such as dermatology or cardiology where part of their work can also be performed remotely. We’re trying to introduce them to the episode as well and let them see that Useful cooperation For everyone.

Is greater coordination between the public and private sectors expected with this system?

If we want to keep a file High quality healthcare system Like the one we have in Spain which, moreover, is global and free, coordination between public and private entities is absolutely necessary. We report and operate in public health hospitals outside of our group. The cooperation is excellent.

In this case, the study report is conducted remotely. Is this the future of medicine?

It is present in medicine. Teleradiology is here to stay and we have to see it as another tool. medicine center is patient doctor relationship We will not change that. Teleradiology can help improve this relationship, More flexible And with greater confidence, because doctors will see their studies in time and Be more free In order to interact with the patient.

Tardagoila thinks of the need for coordination between the public and private sectors to have a “high quality health system”.

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