Return to Monkey Island: Its web mini-game reveals production details, new images, and an NFT joke

Back to Monkey Island

During the Nintendo Direct Mini (Partner Show), the creators of Back to Monkey Island The first gameplay visuals are surprisingly presented. For those who couldn’t see it, they can go to their website where they can also They will find a surprise: Stan, the dubious seller who made a cameo during all installments of the saga, behind bars for selling NFTs.

Back to Monkey Island Trailer

The presentation of the site allows us to chat briefly with the character, from He breaks the fourth wall and tells us the production details for this new chapter of Monkey Island. “When you’re my age, you sometimes need a change in the art department,” he told her, “and I got it from the department run by Rex Crowle, who’s worked at Knghits & Bikes and more recently, Return of Monkey Island.” Stan viewers.

Dialog options allow you to ask the character who is responsible for development in awesome toy box, study Ron Gilbert, but you can also find out why he’s in prison again. In line with the views of the study, Stan says he was imprisoned for “marketing-related offences”although he defends himself by saying that he did not sell anything, or rather,Nothing is consumed“.

Presentation back to the Monkey Island website, where you can "to speak" classic style
Introducing Return to Monkey Island where you can “talk” to a classic character

This way we can see that Monkey Island’s comic streak doesn’t seem to have been left behind, even when he confirmed in one of the conversations with the questionable seller that this title would be the finale to the Guybrush Threepwood franchise. The adventure will be available for PC and Nintendo Switch and will be released in late 2022.

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