Granada athlete Ignacio Fontes stays out of the World Cup and his coach explodes

The decision of the Spanish Athletics Federation can be considered unfair, strange and controversial Stay away from the World Championships in Athletics To be held in Oregon (USA) in July against the athlete from Granada Ignatius Fontes.

Pupil Jesus Montell won the medal Bronze Last Sunday in the 1500m test in the Spanish championship held in Nerja behind Mario Garcia Romo and Mohamed Kater, but before Adel Meshaalwho outgrew. However, coach Jose Piero did not include him in the World Cup list and chose the other three athletes, with Michel also doubling at 5,000.

‘Sad and disappointed’

This made coach Fontes, who was already unable to go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics despite taking two of the athletes he is preparing for, to exploded. Montell, aired this Thursday Confused, sad and disappointed” By decision of the federal authority. “The decision should embarrass whoever decided this and played a trick until it was done,” he announced to F.

“The Spanish Federation is violating its regulations”

The Granada coach believes that this decision is “a stick in the wheels of the Federation because they are themselves.” Stepping on KhartoumHe stressed this by saying, “We did not expect that, and any qualification falls short.” Lines ‘totally taut or worse’. In fact, one of the things that surprised him most is that the national team coach, Joseph BergalsoHe called Fontes to tell him that he had decided to choose Mishaal instead “by resume”. Which further inflamed his coach, who considers that “the coach should not have a clear conscience because it is normal for him to call whoever goes.” Mashaal has a better record because he has 32 years. Ignacio is 24 years old, when he is his age, he will have three or four times his CV … if they let him.”

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with minimum

In addition to progressing in the Nerja National, Granada possessed minimum To go to the World Cup from February. What led his coach that “the Spanish Federation is violatedGoing its own regulations. The terms of going are written in a post,” which is why he asserts that “I still can’t believe what they did,” and who still reserve a “5% chance of getting them right” or “in the name of camaraderie and sportsmanship, someone quit” Because “They’re stealing the plaza from Ignacio.”his technician stressed.

Despite everything, he comments that they won’t “to sink” Because “from a journey you have to get up and move.”

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