A new version of Diablo 2 will be developed, and Vicarious Visions will be the studio behind the game.

Journalist Jason Schreyer said that the former Activision studio had already been working with Blizzard for some time.

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After announcing that Blizzard absorbs volatile visionsOne of the most prolific studies Activision, We got the first big rumor about the new video game from the studio responsible for successful remakes Crash Bandicoot And the Tony HawkAccording to the well-known journalist Jason Schreyer They have been working on a remake of Diablo 2 for a long time.

The Diablo II edition was originally developed by Team Blizzard 1Originally, Schreyer contends, development of this project started before Team 1Team from California and responsible for games like Starcraft IIAnd the Storm HeroesAnd the StarCraft Remastered And the 3 reforged boxes. However, due to the disastrous performance of this latter title, the company chose to transfer development of a remake to Team 3, Who develop delivery Diablo IV. To help them with their work, he added staff from Mutual visions This, as we now know, actually belongs to the ranks of Blizzard.

Unfortunately, always bearing in mind this information which was not confirmed by Blizzard or Activision, with this restructuring it was possible to dissolve Team 1. Several team members were able to place themselves in other positions within the company, but ended up dismissing and others quit To join other studies such as DreamHaven de Mike Morhaime, Former co-founder of Blizzard.

Additional details Schreier revealed is that the reorganization of Blizzard’s teams (which led to the disbanding of Team 1) occurred on the same day the company announced that It will stop producing new content for StarCraft II, Meaning in October of last year. At the moment, Blizzard did not want to comment on the matter other than announcing the addition of Vicarious Visions. In the past, classic movie fathers have commented about this Could not create Diablo 2 Remastered, Since the game’s icon and many of its materials have been lost over the years. To do this, they said, you must start from scratch, that is, create a remake.

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