Return of the youth, money for the flag and the train, citizens’ demands for Extremadura Day

Merida, September 8 (European Press) –

Scientist María Victoria Gil Alvarez was responsible for giving the voice of the people of Extremadura at the institutional event for Extremadura Day, where she demanded that the means be put in place to promote the return of young talents who have left in search of opportunities, more money to fund science and research, and the train on which the people of Extremadura stop traveling “in Second degree”.

This was not the first time she had spoken at the Roman Theater of Mérida in celebration of Autonomous Community Day, as in 2018 she herself was awarded one of the Extremadura medals for her research in the food sector. She is also Professor of Organic Chemistry at UEx and founder of the Science and Technology Dissemination Association of Extremadura (ADiCiTEx).

Five years passed between one intervention and another, a period in which he referred, of all the events he lived through, to the Covid-19 pandemic, which put the words science and the world in the mouths of those in power as never before, but this, however, ” This is beginning to be forgotten.”

The researcher stressed that “for science to advance, large investments must be made,” and for this reason it is necessary to “involve society more” in defending it, because “only a state that invests in science is capable of progress.” “

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