Registration in Medicine and Bachelor of Obstetrics Jobs is open

Sunday 24 April 2022 | 12:41 PM

From April 4 to May 6, registration is open for the 2022 Comprehensive Training Course for two Ukami School of Health positions: Medicine and Bachelor of Obstetrics. The start date for the Comprehensive Entry course begins on May 9.
Both proposals are highly sought after in the region and even more so in this international context where the presence of health professionals is of paramount value.
The intensive course proposal is that students who are in their final year of high school or wish to start in these positions, can take this mandatory course for university admissions during the year, with a flexible workload, with an optional course of study. That is, the student can choose between studying online or in person. But only if you take the exams in person. Therefore, if students from other places who do not reside in Posadas want to take the virtual course, they can do so, but they will have to come for the exams.
It should be noted that all study materials are made available to them from the moment they enroll in the course, making it easier for students to read in advance, absorbing the topics that they will develop later in class.
As for the registration requirements, they are on the university website: Income button 2023 They can do this digitally by mailing all the required documents to [email protected]or come closer in person, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., at the Ucami campus, located at 1036 Jauretche Avenue in Posadas.
For other inquiries, WhatsApp number 376-5038465 is also available for messages only.
This year, Ucami celebrates the first 10 years of its administration in our district, since the emergence of a proposal to unite an educational project with proposals aimed at meeting demands and generating greater professionalism and employment inclusion in our district.
The Catholic Missionary University is the first Catholic university to be headquartered in Nea. To date, a total of 82 doctors and 24 graduates of obstetrics have graduated, working in various institutions in our province, country and even abroad.

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