Tourists leave over 4,200 million pesos in a spill in Guerrero – El Sol de Acapulco

During the two weeks of the Holy Feasts and Easter, the Minister of Tourism of Guerrero reported that more than 431 thousand and 879 tourists visited the Sun Triangle destinations and left an economic leakage of 4 thousand 227 million pesos and arrived. With an average total occupancy of 66.9 per cent.

At a selective press conference and where only some of the media provided the link for information, Head of tourism in the state Santos Ramirez Cuevas announced that 333,128 people arrived in Acapulco, leaving an economic dropout of 3,464 million pesos and an average stay of 64 percent reached.

He explained that the part of the consumption center such as bars and upscale and mid-range restaurants was the most in demand and Contribute to the average ticket per person.

In Taxco, 16,668 Patriots were captured leaving 70 million pesos and the average occupation they left was 51.2 percent.

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In the case of Ixtapa-Zihuatenejo Within two weeks of vacation Santa and Pasqua, accommodation reached through 76.2 and the arrival of 82,000 tourists left an economic leak of 693 million pesos.

In this sense, the state official commented that this beach destination has maintained a good high occupancy rate in hotels and it isAir contact helped them Record 40 daily flights from the US and Canada.

He realized that Ixtapa Zihuatanejo’s tourism binomial is mainly within consumer preference foreign visitors It actively contributes to the entity’s foreign currency income.

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He also added that Ixtapa had average nights of up to three days.

Emerging destinations are not included

On the other hand, the state’s head of tourism revealed that since some properties in emerging tourist destinations, such as Troncones, are not yet automated, they cannot get real-time information about them.and economic leakage The tourists left.

“It holds us back or makes us fall behind with current and speed This is required to provide information.”

He also said that Sectur at this time needs a measurement system to train these emerging beach destinations in Costa Chica and Costa Grande To know the number of tourist arrivals and the economic leakage they leave to increase the statistics in the state.

He said that the rest of the year it will work to be able to provide the required measurement systems for Costa Chica and Costa Grande, which They also have an interesting flow of visitors and in the case of the Costa Grande,

As is the Riviera Troncons – Saladita also becauseand economic leakage Which you receive is important and is one of the municipalities in which most foreigners enter the entity.

He said that during this holiday season, the average Easter and Easter ticket is much lower compared to winter season which had a greater economic impact.

Next to, Announced for the month of May There will be Tourist Tianguis and in the summer holidays the sale will be planned and more active promotion will be carried out with the exporting markets.

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In this sense, he said in May Many conferences come Conferences, vacations and good occupancy rates are expected:

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