Regional Science Fair: 29 projects selected to represent Chaco at the National Institute

Regional Science Fair: 29 projects selected to represent Chaco at the National Institute

The District instance was developed for the Science, Technology and Art Fair, which features 180 educational projects, 29 of which have been featured to represent Chaco in the national case.

After a successful day, on Friday afternoon, the regional meeting of the Science, Technology and Arts Fair “In and for Democracy 2023” at the Gala de Resistencia congress center ended, with concessions given to students and teachers who stood up to present their work.

Among the 180 projects on various topics of science, technology and art, which were presented by more than 400 students together with 200 teachers from institutions of all levels and educational methods across the province, 29 were chosen to represent Chaco at the national level which will take place Between 6 and 9 September this year at the Sociedad Rural de Buenos Aires. You can see the list of selected projects at: in-the-national

Chaco’s Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Technology Aldo Lineras led the awarding of awards to student delegations and teachers who represented their institutions, localities or educational places and regions with distinguished participation. Minister Lineras and all those who accompanied this exhibition congratulated all the participants for raising the level of education in our province.

In addition, 21 intercultural science, robotics and bilingual education clubs showcased their projects as guests.

In his inaugural address to the exhibition, Lineras said that this area, this space for learning and exchange of knowledge, is “an achievement for the entire educational community.” He urged us to take advantage of these cases to value ourselves (schools, teachers and students), ”noting that the good things that happen daily in schools in general are not news.

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The closing of the exhibition and award ceremony were also accompanied by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning for the Education System, Science and Technology of the Province, Claudia Gonzalez; Undersecretary for Administrative Budget Coordination and Human Resources, Johanna Salomon; Education Cabinet Coordinator Maria Phipps; Director of Science and Technology Marcelo Zambar; Scientific Invitations Coordinator Ignacio Alcaraz. Directors and directors of educational communities.

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