La Jornada – Dimayuga is ready to start the road to NASCAR

Andrik Dimayuga, the driver of the new generation of Mexican motorsports, celebrated their “dream” of racing a few days ago at the famous Daytona Racecourse – finishing 10th in the 45-driver test – signing with Peruvian Lira Motorsports a license to run on the ARCA Minards series. , The US Nascar development category.

“It was an extraordinary thing, because the level in the United States is very competitive, so there is a lot of pressure, but the advantage is that I was in constant contact with the team and they directed me well,” said the 16-year-old, who will combine this experience with racing in Mexico, In the challenge, training class at NASCAR Mexico.

“It was a very fun new experience; racing in Daytona. You can’t say every day that you just did, so it was impressive,” noted the young man who qualified for the ARCA Menards series, which consists of 20 races, but will do so in the band Eastern, which takes place in eight short tracks.

The season will start with two races in Florida in February and crown Eastern Champion at Bristol Motor Speedway.

It will be a learning stage for Andrik, so he will only run the most important races, which have the most visibility, due to the cause of the sponsors. In this sense, the pilot is very confident of the opportunity provided by the Peruvian team, which somehow returns from retirement, but has experience training NASCAR.

For the time being, Andrek is convinced that he will be able to get a good start and in the future make an evolution in the car segment stock From the United States, the category in which he hopes to focus his career.

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Given what it means to run in the middle of a pandemic in 2020, Demayoga thanked his father for the support and a group of sponsors.

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