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Supply problems, both for chips and other components, are causing new difficulties for automakers General motors (GM), Ford and Honda, which have warned they will cut car production further.

General Motors, the largest automaker in the world United StateI told the staff at the assembly plant in Orion recently
(USA), where electric vehicle (VE) Chevrolet Bolt EV, this production will be reduced due to problems with the supply of battery packs.

The problems are related to the extension of the audit call that the said company was forced to implement 20 Last August to solve a malfunction in the car batteries, which is likely to affect all units produced since 2016.

Because of the problems, some models will be more shocking than others. launch Honda

The batteries, produced by LG in South Korea, have two drawbacks: a torn anode and a bent separator, which increases the risk of fire from the batteries. GM indicated at the time that it was working with LG to find out why

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Meanwhile, Honda warned its US dealers in a letter that it could also cut car shipments by up to 40 percent compared to what was initially planned, due to problems with its suppliers in Asia. The letter, published by several specialized media, states that “some models will be affected more than others”, but the delivery of pilot and passport forms “It is expected to remain stable“.

Ford is also facing additional problems with the supply of chips that will force it to cut production of its best-selling and most profitable car, the F-150 pickup truck, as well as the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus SUVs.

The company confirmed that the Oakville (Canada) assembly plant that produces Edge of the Nautilus, would suspend production and the same should be done by the Kansas City plant
(USA), where the F-150 was installed. In addition, the company announced a reduction in two of its three assembly plant shifts Dearborn (USA), which also produces the F-150 pickup truck.

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