7 curiosities about Casa de Papel

In December of this year, the second part of the fifth and final season of Stealing money. The Spanish series released in 2017, tells the story of a group of thieves who implement the well-detailed plans of Professor (Alvaro Morte), which consist of an attack on Casa de la Moneda and then on the Bank of Spain. .

Stealing money He made his mark on Netflix with some characteristics, such as the famous Salvador Dali costume and red masks, and characters with the names of countries such as Tokyo, Berlin and Nairobi; Creative dialogues and phrases, among many other features that have helped make this series one of the most beloved in the world. And by the end of the show, we’re already in a nostalgic mood, and of course we’re saying goodbye to our favorite TV crooks.

Now that I think about it, while it’s not yet time to say goodbye to the series, Canaltech List seven fun facts about the Netflix series, its distribution, and its production. To check!

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7. Dynamic text

Most films and series are written even before filming begins, but with Stealing money It wasn’t exactly the case. During production of the series, scripts were written during filming, and the writers made adjustments as the story progressed.

6. Teacher listening sessions

Alvaro Morte seems to be the perfect representative of the character of the Professor, but landing the role wasn’t that easy. The actor had to undergo five auditions over a two-month period before he got the job, as there are still doubts about whether he’ll fit into the character as planned.

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5. Almost cancelled

Season 1 of Stealing money It was broadcast in May 2017 on the Spanish channel Antena 3. Despite the success of the first episode, the audience retreated significantly throughout the episodes, leaving the production and plot crew believing that the series would not resist the new seasons. , is canceled. However, Netflix quietly took hold of the plot, which has become one of the most popular series on the streaming platform to date.

Photo: Disclosure / Netflix

4. Seven countries, 300 seats

The entire first season of Stealing money It was recorded in Madrid, Spain, but the following episodes took place at 300 locations in six other countries: Denmark, Italy, Panama, Portugal, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

3. Monkeys

Throughout the five seasons, characters have appeared Stealing money Wear over 600 of these iconic red suits. Carlos Diez, the show’s costume designer, said that dressing the actors, even if they were identical, wasn’t boring at all. The professional explains: “Designing costumes for La Casa de Papel is an enriching experience, because each character is so different from the other.” “It was quite a challenge to get all of the characters dressed individually and again as a group in this iconic red jumpsuit,” he adds.

2. Another name

Even before the series is called Stealing moneyThe idea of ​​its creators was to call it Los Desahuciados, which in Portuguese means Os Espejados. Fortunately, they figured out that “paper house” would make the most sense for the story.

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1. counterfeit money

Stealing money It is, from start to finish, a series about money theft. Therefore, it was necessary to produce a large amount of counterfeit coins and gold bars for the five seasons of the plot. In numbers, the production required the manufacture of at least 6,000 forged gold bars, as well as one million counterfeit €50 banknotes.

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