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The National Program for Scientific Research and Advanced Studies (Prociencia), the implementing unit of the National Council for Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (Concetic), invites the “Applied Research Projects in Social Sciences 2022” competition with the aim of promoting the realization of original research that provides solutions to the needs of our society, this time, from the field of social sciences.

The competition targets universities licensed by SUNEDU at the end of the application, institutes or centers for research and/or technological development of the public or private system and public entities that are formed as executive units. Likewise, private non-profit legal entities that conduct or promote research in the social sciences can register.

To apply, contestants must submit proposals aligned with six main themes: How do we address labor shortages and informality in the current context of the health pandemic? What results has the integration of a multicultural approach into public services achieved, before and after the COVID-19 pandemic? How do mentoring programs contribute to developing young women’s capabilities in research, development and innovation? What institutional capacities are required to implement expression mechanisms at the regional and/or interregional level to strengthen value chains?

Likewise, they will be able to propose proposals that respond to the following problems: How is the “triple informality” of employment, housing and transport manifested in Lima and in the cities of the interior of the country? How to develop methods and indicators to assess the need and/or impact of urbanization and what is required to achieve sustainable cities, as well as what is the contribution of land use planning to revitalize science, technology and innovation systems?

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The term of implementation of the winning projects is 12 months, for this you will receive a financing amount of 87,400 soles.


  • Those interested can apply until Tuesday 15 February at 1:00 pm through :
  • In this space, you can also access emails and phones to answer any questions about the call, application process, and/or competition results.

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