Possibly the most beautiful game in its entire catalog opens today on Xbox Game Pass

With hand-drawn settings, the new Xbox Game Pass will be updated in early summer.

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On the same day that we get news about future additions to Xbox Game Pass thanks to an extension of the Xbox Game Pass offer, which we’ll hear about soon, the latest addition comes for the first half of June. And this is the first version, so no one has been able to play this game before.

Of course, if it was half as beautiful in action as it looks on the screens and its trailer, we’re sure many would just try to see such an artistic rendering on their screens. A gem that shows the versatility of Xbox Game Pass and its intent to provide something for everyone. By the way, it is already available. Let’s download!

This is the new game coming to Xbox Game Pass today

  • Dordogne – Console, PC and Cloud

Explore the landscapes of the Dordogne, tinged with a thousand summer colours, in settings hand-painted in sumptuous watercolors. During the adventure, remember all the moments, sights, smells, sounds, and sensations. Relive these memories in your journal and reminisce about Mimi’s family’s past as only you can; As a reflection of nostalgia and passion for your trip.

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